Selma Blair: Beautiful In Blue

Selma Blair: Beautiful In Blue

Yup, she’s still pregnant!

Lovely mom-to-be Selma Blair was spotted out and about in West Hollywood, California this morning with her partner Jason Bleick (July 22).

Wearing a pretty blue bouse over her all-white outfit, the 39-year-old actress seemed in great spirits and still had a smile for the paps – despite reports that she’s now 2 weeks past her due date!

Wishing Selma all the best when the big day finally does arrive!

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Photo credit: Flynet

  • klutzy_girl

    Oh my God! Poor Selma.

  • Anonymous

    Wow, I don’t even want to think about how big her baby is going to be when he/she finally gets here. Hope it’s soon!

    • Anonymous

      My niece was 3 weeks overdue and only weighed 7lbs.

  • Andrea

    I love that she’s in such good spirits! Personally I feel uncomfortable and in pain just from looking at her, haha.

  • Anonymous

    This poor woman! I can’t believe how amazing she still looks though!

  • Janna

    Has Selma ever actually stated when she was due? Does anyone know for a fact that she is actually overdue?

    • Scooter

      No. Not to my knowledge. I’ve never read or heard her say when her due date was. I feel bad for her because one website wrote she was XX amount of days overdue and then everyone else jumped on the bandwagon. Maybe she’s not overdue? If she is overdue I applaud her for letting nature take its course and not giving in to the pressure of inducing by doctors and the media. It is an estimated arrival date. Not an expiration date. She looks incredible, and I wish her all the best with her natural homebirth.

  • Anonymous

    um she said early July and it’s pretty common for first borns to go overdue. just because the baby is overdue doesn’t mean their going to be big I was overdue 26 years ago and was only 7lbs 11oz

    • Anonymous

      I agree. My son was 7lbs 11oz and he was overdue too. So definitely goes to show it doesn’t mean you’ll have a whopper of a baby. I’ve heard of overdue 6lbers!

    • Anonymous

      True. My oldest daughter was two weeks overdue, and she was only a 6 lb. baby! My second daughter was a week overdue, another 6 pounder. 😉

  • NYC Mommy

    Thank goodness she isnt in NY… It is around 103 degrees right now… even us non-pregnant people are melting….

    • klutzy_girl

      I was just thinking this heat has to be so much more unbearable for pregnant women than it is for everyone else.

      Oh God, I hate this heat. Luckily, we’re about to get a storm, so yay! Hopefully that’ll cool things down.

  • naomi

    she is, in fact, past 42 weeks.

    • Iris

      And you know her personally? Really…
      I must say that Selma looks great! I feel uncomfortable even looking at her!

  • Anonymous

    I don’t want her pregnancy to end! I will miss seeing pictures what she’s wearing and her impeccable eye for style. She is one of the best dressed pregnant celebs IMO.

  • Anonymous

    baby still seems to ‘sit’ really high…

  • Anonymous

    I cant imagine any doctor would let someone go that far past their due date.

    • amy

      #1 – a doctor cannot FORCE you to have your baby (through induction or cesarean) without your consent. selma clearly trusts her own body and knows what she is doing.

      #2 – a due date is an estimate. i know the exact date i got pregnant – but my doctor still went off of my last menstrual cycle, which was almost 3 weeks off. when i had my daughter at 37 2 days (i went into labor naturally) my doctor tried to say she was only 34 weeks. the NICU nurses looked her over and watched her overnight and knew she was fine and estimated her gestational age at 37-38 weeks, which is what she was.

      #3 – as long as selma does non-stress tests and takes good care of herself, it is better to let the baby come when it is ready. my aunt had my cousin at 43 weeks 4 days and he was born 8 pounds 7 ounces and perfectly healthy. her next pregnancy – she gave into the induction pressure, had a horrible labor and gave birth to my second cousin at 6 pounds 2 ounces who spend 3 days in the nicu due to several different issues.

      every baby is different. every pregnancy is different. due dates are rarely ever spot on and are more like a “guestimate”. i’m pretty sure selma would never do anything to put her baby in harms way – and if it gets to the point where her body clearly is not going to go into labor on it’s own, i’m sure she will put her baby’s health above all.

      • ZaraB

        Here here, Amy! I was about to post something along the lines of what you’ve written, but you beat me to it. I get so frustrated when I hear a woman who’s a day past 40 weeks referred to as ‘overdue’. You aren’t ‘overdue’ until you are past 42 weeks, and even then, only if you are completely sure of how long your menstrual cycle is and when you conceived, and even with that knowledge, you still can’t be sure of the exact moment of conception, which could be a couple of days away from the time you ovulated.

        I also get really disturbed when I read comments like ‘but most doctors won’t let you go past 41 weeks’. What are they going to do – kidnap Selma from her home, chain her to an operating table and force her to undergo a c-section?! Seriously – to all the women out there who believe your doctors won’t ‘let’ you do this or that – you need to understand that you have rights, and you also have a responsibility to educate yourself as well as take the advice of your healthcare providers.

        It sounds like Selma is hoping for a natural homebirth or birth centre birth, and if she is in fact past 42 weeks, I for one applaud her for not just rushing off to have an induction at 40+1 weeks (presumably she has been told that the baby’s in no danger if she waits it out), and hope she has the birth experience she’s been hoping for.

        On a completely different note, I hope she makes a swift announcement when the baby does arrive, and doesn’t keep us waiting to hear the name! :)

    • Sophia

      The baby will come out when it’s ready to come out, it’s as simple as that. If Selma’s baby is still healthy in there, then there’s absolutely no reason to force labor. It’ll happen when it happens.

  • arabella

    I hope Selma named her baby a normal name.

  • mollycar

    I doubt that she is 2 weeks over, most doctors wouldn’t let you go 10 days over. I dare say she is due anyday now! Heres hoping she has a trouble free labour and can’t wait to see what she has!

  • Sophia

    I can’t believe how fantastic she still looks at two weeks overdue or whatever she is. And always so happy! Hopefully for her and her husband the baby will arrive soon! It’s soooo hot to be so hugely pregnant!

  • Anonymous

    God she is STILL PREGNANT?! I wish her to deliver her baby soon! Her belly is becoming really huge and being so pregnant isn’t easy!

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