Jessica Alba’s Chic Shower

Jessica Alba's Chic Shower

Expectant mom Jessica Alba was the guest of honor at a baby shower thrown by friends in West Hollywood, California yesterday (July 24). The soon-to-be mom-of-two looked picture perfect for her special day, wearing a sheer polka dot blouse over her black skirt and leggings – and a pair of towering heels.

Jessica, who left the party with a trunk full of baby gifts, later took to Twitter to express her gratitude, writing, “A million THANK U’s 2 @KellySawyer @jacqui_lang n @lauren_andersen 4 such an amazing baby shower. It was perfect in every way.”

The Valentine’s Day star, who is married to Cash Warren, recently revealed that her 3-year-old daughter Honor is “as excited as a kid can be” to be a big sister, adding, “Honor’s funny. She has her own personality.”

Jessica wasn’t the only Hollywood mom celebrating a baby shower this weekend – Denise Richards and her gal pals gathered at a hotel in Beverly Hills to celebrate the arrival of her third daughter Eloise.

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  • JLM

    where i’m from we only have baby showers for the first baby, what do you guys usually do?

  • Anonymous

    Usually the second, etc. gets a diaper shower only. She looks ridiculous in those heels.

  • Anonymous

    Usually the second, etc. gets a diaper shower only. She looks ridiculous in those heels.

  • Rebecca

    Generally, a lot of people (including myself) think it’s rather tacky to throw yourself a baby shower, especially if it’s not your first baby. But I personally see no problem with it if friends throw it for you, like it seems Jessica’s friends did here. In fact, I think it’s really nice, and shows support and encourages excitement for the baby’s upcoming arrival — even though it’s her second child. Especially after the article about her being “nowhere near ready” for her baby. This probably helped her out a lot, and took a lot of worries off her mind, especially when she’s already got Honor’s needs to think of too. But that’s just my opinion. To each their own.

  • Tazina

    Jessica looks lovely here. No swelling in her pretty ankles! To each his own regards the baby shower. Sounds like she has great friends!

  • Courtney

    the wedges ballance out center of gravity issues and since it wasn’t a difficult pregnancy there’s no big deal. when the baby is the same sex as your existing child a baby shower is tacky

  • JLM

    we occasionally have something called a “sparkle shower” if the woman hasnt had a baby in a long time & doesnt have any baby items. im sure jessica alba’s friends can afford a shower for every baby anyway!

  • Anon

    I hope she donated the gifts. She obviously doesn’t need them.

  • Anonymous

    I was thinking that it was tacky to have a second baby shower considering that her daughter is only 3. I am sure that she still has baby items from the first baby. With my second baby due only 16 mo from the 1st baby, I would like a second shower since I need to furnish another nursery, double stroller, a second of everything 1st baby is still using. But I’m on my own for one, since I had my first shower a little over a year ago.

    • Anonymous2

      I would like to only work 3 hours a week, but it’s not right to expect that either.

    • Ashley


  • Anonymous

    How is it tacky if her friends gave her the shower and we don’t know if she kept the old baby clothes and the crib can be a convertible bed that Honor is still using. As for toys and such some people give them away and others keep them, point is we don’t know so how can you judge without facts.

  • Anna

    We don’t do baby showers at all in my country but we do give gifts after the baby is born when we come over to meet the baby. We do this with every baby. I think it’s strange to say that she doesn’t need anything because it’s the second baby. Surely you’ll want your second child to have some new clothes and things?

  • Ashley

    A baby shower is NEVER tacky. Even if its not your first child, or the child is of a different sex or the same sex. A baby shower is not to just recieve gifts but a way of coming together with your friends and family to spend time together and celebrate the coming of a new wonderful life into their lives. I certainly can’t help but buy my friends and their children presents when they are expecting and even after the baby gets here! Too much cute stuff to pass up.

    And Jessica looks beautiful in anything she wears. I’m sure those heels make her feel glamorous which I know can be a challange during pregnancy.

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