Ivanka Trump Struggling With Juggling Work & Being A Mommy

Ivanka Trump Struggling With Juggling Work & Being A Mommy

New mom Ivanka Trump – daughter of American real estate tycoon Donald Trump – may have thought life would continue as usual after the July 17th birth of her daughter Arabella. After all, the 29-year-old Apprentice star had important business meetings scheduled two weeks after her due date!

Although the blonde beauty may have been working, playing sports and leading an active social life in the months preceding Arabella’s arrival, times are a changing!

Ivanka headed into work on Monday (July 25) and later tweeted: “Ventured into the office for a few hours today but raced home to see Arabella this evening. I’m already experiencing separation anxiety!”

Welcome to the joys of motherhood, Ivanka!

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  • Anonymous

    boo hoo
    tough life she lives

  • Anna

    No one is irreplaceable at work, there is just no need to go to work a week after you gave birth. Your body and mind need to adjust after the pregnancy and delivery.

    • BeingAdivaIsNotCute

      No one is irreplaceable at work….

      SO true! Some people realize this fact much too late!

  • Anonymous

    Duh, Ivanka. Your baby isn’t even 10 days old..

  • dee

    Beautiful family, and I’m sure Ivanka will adjust to work and baby. Good for her!!!

  • popsykl

    I hope she slows down and just enjoys arabella, these days when they are tiny are just so precious and pass far to quickly.

  • BB

    It will be interesting to see if her priorities will change, and she will just step back for a while and enjoy the time she has with her new baby girl. She is lucky she is wealthy enough not to have to rush back to work!

  • Tazina

    It would be so much better for the baby if Ivanka would put her as a priority instead of her job. It’s already looking as if the baby is running a poor second to the job. Working part-time and delegating if possible sounds like an option that she could look into.

    • Grace

      Let’s see, she spent 3 hours out of that day at work and 21 hours at home with her baby, and from that you’re getting that her work is a higher priority than her baby. That makes no sense at all.

  • NoNo

    Arabella desires so much more from her Mother than this, if you truly wanted to be a Mother take the normal six weeks at least. this is your choice its ok. do not understand why you feel the need to work rather than be the primary care giver to your daughter and spend the time regaining your health and bonding as a family with Jared and Arabella, being there to learn how to care for a newborn and be present to obeserve the care being provided by your hired staff or even your Moms and other trusted ones. Please give more of why you are doing this and who is mothering your newborn while you are away from her.

  • Anonymous

    She went to work for a couple hours then went back home and she only lives like a block or two away from her Job so what’s the big deal? It’s no different than Kate Hudson going out for a couple hours and leaving her baby at home.

    Let’s face it she probable going to spend more time with her Daughter than the average working mom she has the power to bring her baby to work when ever she wants, make her our hours and decide how many days a week she wants to work not many people can do that.

  • Anonymous

    She went in to work for 3 hours and people are already judging her that she is a bad mother? What if she said she went to the movies for 3 hours would you all be so quickly to judge? Maybe work is where she can clear her mind and relax. Not every new mother relaxes by taking a nap or laying on the couch. Get a grip people!

  • Anonymous

    I foresee a nanny (or nannies) raising this poor kid! Come on Ivanka, be a mother and enjoy your newborn! Time goes by much too quickly, you will regret it if you don’t.

  • Anna

    The baby is beautiful. I love when celebrities say that they are juggling work and motherhood. When you have a real job and work 8-10 hours a day and you work hard to feed your child, then you are juggling work and motherhood. Sorry.

  • Grace

    The day I see a dad being judged for going back to work ten days after his child is born is the day I will take the negative comments about Ivanka seriously. Those of you who are making negative comments are being hypocrites.

    • Rebecca

      Thank you! Totally agree.

  • hmm

    Please don’t play the misogyny card about this issue. Most women are truly torn about returning to work after the birth of a child but let’s be real, Ivanka is the the daughter’s boss and you’re telling me that she HAD to go into the office less than 10 days after giving birth? Puhleeze. She is wealthy, her husband is wealthier and she can afford to take the six weeks to take care of her daughter, bond with her child, and to let her body recover after giving birth. It’s really simple to talk about parenting but it’s a lot more difficult to actually do the work and parent your children. And the Kate Hudson example is a little silly considering that she was spending time with her older child, lest he feel lost in the shadow of his new brother. Making sure your older child is okay is different than going into the office.

    • Grace

      No one is playing the misogny card. Some of us are making a valid point that mothers are unfairly judged for things that a father is never judged for.

  • Anonymous

    no offence. but she should be at home with the baby. she is too much into making sure people buy all her goods. be a 24-7 mom. she is much more concerned with her facebook page of telling you what of her bags and shoes to buy. it least i hope she is doing this at home while her daughter naps. i hope that she is. but to run to the office for even a few hours. the baby was not even one month old. what is more of a priority, her business right now or her baby.

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