Mason Disick Gets In Touch With His Inner Rastafarian

Mason Disick Gets In Touch With His Inner Rastafarian

Doting aunt, Kim Kardashian showed off her adorable nephew, Mason Dash Disick‘s new look today, proving that just like the beautiful women in the family, the 1-year-old can pull off just about any look!

“Look at Mason with his Rasta braids!!!” Kardashian posted on her Celebuzz blog. “LOL! Too cute!” We’re going to have to second that.

Other than gushing about their favorite little man, the Kardashian sisters have been busy prepping for Kim’s upcoming nuptials to Kris Humphries, and working on their first novel, which they’ve decided to title, “Dollhouse.”

These girls really are hard to keep up with!

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Photo credit: Celebuzz


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  1. Nina D.

    Haha! That’s so cute!

  2. carolyn Robertson

    Oh my gosh! That’s priceless!

  3. Anonymous

    Mason is too adorable!!

  4. Anonymous 2

    Pretty creepy actually.


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