Jessica Alba & Sue Johanson Talk Pregnancy Sex

Jessica Alba & Sue Johanson Talk Pregnancy Sex

Jessica Alba , 30, may be in her last stages of pregnancy but that doesn’t mean the topic of sex is off the table.

The mega movie starlet sat alongside Canadian sex educator Sue Johanson on the Tonight Show and asked some common questions about sex during pregnancy.

The glowing goddess didn’t seem embarrassed in the least when she asked Sue, “As someone who’s in the later stages of pregnancy, is there any way to harm the baby during intercourse?”

Sue assured her that “the baby is in there and it isn’t going nowhere until it’s ready.”

Referring to the arm of her chair, the enlightening educator continued, “The uterus wall is just like that.” Sue then delved into a pictorial and things got a tad awkward on set.

Hilarious host Jay Leno lightened up the mood a bit when he playfully quipped, “Isn’t there a chance the baby’s gonna go ‘Hey, there’s somebody in here!’?”

Never a dull moment!

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  • Anonymous

    That’s a rookie question for someone in the late stages of her second pregnancy. C’mon Jessica!

    • Patrice

      Your comment is the reason why people are afraid to be ask questions about things. Are you aware of how many misconceptions there are about pregnancy? For all you know she might not have indulged at all during her first pregnancy. Stranger things have happened. People should be able to ask whatever question they need to ask. Everyone does not know everything.

      • Anonymous

        You’re right, sorry. I don’t want to make anyone who reads this site feel afraid to ask questions. I didn’t think of it that way.

        • Tanya

          I don’t think there is any reason for you to apologize. I thought the same thing.

        • Anonymous 2

          That’s so great that you took in what she said without getting defensive. Nice to see that here. =)

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