Rachel Zoe: Debuting Fashion Line Was “Almost Like Giving Birth”

Rachel Zoe: Debuting Fashion Line Was "Almost Like Giving Birth"

Celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe, who gave birth to son Skyler four months ago, is debuting her new fashion line and apparently the process was so stressful she’s comparing it to giving birth.

“Being a designer was the thing that I always said, ‘I’m never going to do this, because I’m too scared to do this’,” she said. “All of sudden during my presentation this season, I was like ‘Oh my god, why am I doing this, I’m too scared to do this.’ Then it was like, it was almost like giving birth.”

But the stylist and designer, who has worked with stars like Cameron Diaz and Anne Hathaway, says the experience was one of the highlights of her career. “When it was over, I was like, ‘This is the most exciting, most challenging adventure. This is new, and this is fun.’ ”

As for her new line, Zoe insists every piece is something you would find in her own closet. “Everything I do, I have to be hands on, because I can’t put my name on something that I’m not proud of and excited by and wouldn’t wear myself,” she said.

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  • Anonymous

    she looks good in photo.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, anonymous, she’s a real stunner – NOT

    • Anonymous

      Are you kidding? She looks like she’s been sucking on lemons. As for her style, if her own appearance is any indication, then I find it unbelievable that celebrities actually pay her for fashion guidance – she looks like an unkempt, haggard bag of bones.

  • Sophia

    …Such a weird thing to say. This woman kinda freaks me out :S

  • Anonymous

    No doubt she had a scheduled c-section as soon as she could. She seemed to really dislike being pregnant and made a point to hide her body under really baggy clothes the entire time and she looked like she didn’t gain a pound. Amazing that she couldn’t put her baby before appearance while she was pregnant.

  • Anonymous

    so maybe she did, and WHO FCKING CARES?? I am trying to picture what you said as being said by a dude and it just makes me laugh…girls are such jealous bitches. LOL

    • Another Anonymous

      I had to laugh at the last part of your last sentence and wondered in particular, what there is to be jealous of here. Obviously anyone would love to have her bank account, but anything else related to RAchel Zoe is definitely not worthy of jealousy. Come on, really??

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