Alyssa Milano: Happy Mom-To-Be

Alyssa Milano: Happy Mom-To-Be

Expectant mom Alyssa Milano shows off her beautiful belly in a new photo posted to Twitter this week. Wearing a blue dress and with her hair pulled back, the 38-year-old actress looks positively glowing!

The lovely mom-to-be got some online support over the weekend from another famous mama: Danica McKellar!

“Been thinking of you a lot as you near the big day… :) I’m here if you want any advice or support,” wrote the former Wonder Days star, who welcomed her first son Draco last year.

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Photo credit: Twitter


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  1. Anonymous

    LOL – the way she’s holding on to her stomach it looks like it’s going to fall to her knees!

  2. Anonymous

    No she doesn’t. She looks great.

  3. Janna

    Beautiful. Just glowing and lovely.

  4. Alycia

    She looks amazing!! Love the colour of that dress on her :)

  5. SandraB

    She looks really happy!

  6. AvaElizabeth

    absolutley beautiful! so lovely!

  7. Rosy

    She looks absolutely gorgeous!

  8. ZaraB

    She looks so happy and is absolutely glowing! Wonder how long she has to go…

  9. A

    I believe it’s Wonder Years, not Wonder Days…


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