Kendra Wilkinson: Hugs For Hank!

Kendra Wilkinson: Hugs For Hank!

Reality star Kendra Wilkinson gave her sweet son Hank, 1 1/2, a squeeze as the pair paid a visit to a spa in Beverly Hills, California yesterday (August 4). He just keeps getting cuter!

The Girls Next Door star seemed in great spirits yesterday, but she had some harsh words for Hugh Heffner‘s ex Crystal Harris earlier this week.

“When I was with Hef, he knew that we were friends. I knew that we were friends,” said Kendra, who remains close to her Playboy boss ex. “But [Crystal] said she wanted to get married and then backstabbed him to that level? That’s like cruel.”

“Hef’s dealt with a lot more problems than this,” she added. “I don’t think this one [twenty-something] year old girl is going to get in the way of Hugh Hefner. He’s dealt with other problems, and I don’t think he’s running low on hoes!”

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Photo credit: GSI Media

  • Anonymous

    Hank is a pretty angelic looking baby boy.

  • Anonymous

    This little guy is by far the best looking celebrity baby in town!

  • Fabrice

    Mike “clean undies” Kamara took this photo, he’s the one who splits his profits with LeAnn Rimes for staged photos

  • Anonymous

    I know this is wrong but I would steal this beautiful baby in a heartbeat.

  • Anonymous

    Best baby ever

  • Anonymous

    Little guy so much like dad and colouring moma

  • MariA

    This little guys is the cutest of alll celebrity kids I mean that !!!!!!!

  • Gorgeous

    He is so freaking cute! He looks like a little toddler angel and that third photo is adorable. kendra always looks like she wants to gobble him up.

  • Anonymous

    Hank is such a cutie!!

  • Anonymous

    @Anonymous 4:14 Pm. Don’t call her stupid because she says that Hank is cuter than mason and you don’t know her.

  • SMH

    Hmm I agree it’s not a contest. This thread is about Hank. Mason isn’t even in the photo so move on.

  • Ella

    Sorry but I don’t see the problem that someone thinks this kid is cuter than Mason. They’re a lot people who are saying that a kid is cuter than another kid. For example Alexander schreiber is cuter than Kingston rossdale because Gwen Stefani is dying her sons hair. Something like that. I don’t compare this kid with another kid, but I don’t see the problem. I mean SO WHAT she thinks Hank is cuter than Mason and Anonymous 3:15 It looks like you wanted to have a conversation with her and also Felicity and April. You guys really should stop this because this doesn’t make sense at all. You 3 Really should grow up.

  • Kayleigh

    Seriously what is going on? I Hate it when their is a whole discussion, because somebody said something wrong. For the ones who are making a whole discussion, really move on because this is really annoying, because almost everyone is going to this stupid conversation that really doesn’t make sense. You guys should stop this.

  • HEHE

    Finally someone said something good!!

  • Lizzig

    Hank Jr is ab-so-lute-ly adorable. I, too believe him to be cuter then other children I have seen. Also I don’t think this forum is the one to debate on. Peoples opinions are very valid to them and unless she had stated that Mason was the ugliest baby on the planet there was no need to reply to it. Rock on Hank Jr, and parents of girls better watch them closely when he grows up. xx

  • Anonymous

    We get it, you foolish child. You would steal that baby in a heartbeat. I wish you’d try, because I have a feeling his parents would do so much damage to you, that the rest of us would never have to read one of your immature, stupid, nonsensical posts again. So really, please do! You’d be doing all of us a great favor. Thankyouverymuch!!

  • Davinia

    @ anonymous 3:15pm. A lot of people say that Hank is the cutest celeb kid they’ve ever seen, so that also means that he’s cuter than Mason. Are you gonna have a conversation with them too? I guess so.
    Hank is the cutest celeb kid I’ve ever seen and he is cuter than Mason.

  • Felicity




    Much cuter than Mason Disick and I know it’s not a contest, but I think he’s just cuter.

  • Joy

    This kid looks like an angel. Love his blond curls. He’s gonna be a heartbreaker when he grows up. :)

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