David Copperfield Is A Dad!

David Copperfield Is A Dad!

Congratulations are in order for David Copperfield and his girlfriend Chloe Gosselin!

The magician, 54, and the 26-year-old French model have welcomed a daughter named Sky, New York Post reports. The couple were seen traveling in New York, the Bahamas and Las Vegas last month with their baby, now 16 months.

“Forget making the Statue of Liberty disappear,” Copperfield’s rep told the Post. “David’s next trick will be making dirty diapers disappear.”

Sources say the couple met two years ago through a mutual friend and live in the Islands of Copperfield Bay in the Bahamas. Baby Sky is the first child for the illusionist.

Copperfield is currently performing his magic act in Las Vegas at the MGM Grand.

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Photo credit: Bauer Griffin


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  1. anonymous

    Well congrats, he took a while to be dad.

    And btw, some OT news is that some latino sources are saying that Daisy Fuentes is pregnant at 44.

  2. leah

    hello sugardaddy. met two years ago, and the kids already 16 months. if they really met only 24 months ago – mamma might have some ‘splaining to do hahaha

    • Anonymous

      I just can’t believe David Copperfield has joined the rank of stupid celebrities fooled by these very obvious gold-diggers. That girlfriend of his is not a nice person. Is he going senile at 54?

      Odd because until he hit 50, all the other girls he’s been with have been relatively nice.. He hit 50 and opened himself up to these young gold-diggers.

      Mid-life crisis much, David?

  3. Anonymous

    Poor judgement by a very talented artist with a lot to lose – that’s all I have to say!

  4. Anonymous

    Poor judgement by a very talented artist with a lot to lose – that’s all I have to say!

  5. Anonymous

    Mid-life crisis definitely!


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