Sandra Bullock Not In Contact With Ex Stepdaughter Sunny James

Sandra Bullock Not In Contact With Ex Stepdaughter Sunny James

During her five-year marriage to Jesse James, Oscar-winning actress Sandra Bullock grew quite close to the bad-boy biker’s daughter, Sunny. But since the couple’s split, Bullock has had to distance herself from the life she used to know, including the 7-year-old girl she once pledged her “commitment” to on behalf of James in his 2009 custody battle with Sunny’s mother, Janine Lindemulder.

“Sandra doesn’t communicate anymore with Sunny,” Lindemulder tells Us. “Sunny never talks about her.

I don’t bear any grudges against Sandra,” she continues. “She has her own son to raise.”

Bullock shocked the world when she secretly adopted son Louis Bardo, now 19-months-old, from New Orleans in January of 2010; a process that she began with James during their marriage, but Sandra finalized as a single parent.

A friend of the star tells Us that she “has had to move on” from James, which unfortunately, also meant breaking her ties with Sunny. “The last thing she wanted to do was hurt Sunny,” says the insider. “But she had to do what was best for her.”

For more on Sandra Bullock and Sunny James’ estrangement, check out the latest issue of Us Weekly, on newsstands now.

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  • cheryl

    how horrible. breaking a little girl’s heart doesn’t mean to move on. She just did her own business and who cares about the chid, I have my own now..Is it like that? What a shame.

  • Anonymous

    That dig may carry more weight, if not given by Sunny’s own absentee, drug addicted mother.

  • Anon

    Haters..just back off! This was ALL on Jesse. Sunny lost Sandra BECAUSE of Jesse. It sucks that a little girl had to be hurt- but place the blame where it belongs! Sandra did what she needed to do to survive such a betrayal. You cannot maintain a relationship with the children under these circumstances. Jesse bears all the blame NOT sandra!

  • Gretchen

    I’m sure Sandra doesn’t have much choice about how often she gets to see Sunny since she most likely didn’t adopt her therefore give her rights to custody. And go-figure that Sunny’s absentee mother says Sunny never talks about her. I don’t think kids are going to just up and stop talking about a person that has loved them and been such a huge part of their life

    • Janna

      I think you’re right. Sandra Bullock doesn’t have any legal rights to see this child, so it’s all on her parents to help maintain that relationship. It would be nice to think that they *would* do that, but there are no guarantees.

      I doubt anyone will ever know what happened because Sandra Bullock doesn’t seem the type to go on Larry King or The View and spill dirt.

  • Divorced wife now

    For starters it was not Sandra’s daughter! Sunny was from a previous relationship so why does Sandra needs to be in her life.She has a older
    Sister to take care of her. Like any cheating husband the ex wife does not see
    His kids!

  • Rach

    Sandra and Jesse aren’t on good terms, so how is she supposed to carry on a relationship with Sunny under those conditions? I’m sure Sandy misses Sunny tremendously, considering she cared for her as a mother. It must be painful for both of them. Very sad situation.

  • Ashley

    The situation is heartbreaking all around. But I understand Sandra breaking contact. It was NOT Sandra’s fault that Jesse cheated. It was not Sunny’s fault either. The little girl shouldn’t have to suffer, but Sandra has no obligation. I’m sure she wants a clean break from Jesse, and as much as she loved Sunny, being part of her life means keeping Jesse in her life, too. I don’t think that’s healthy for her or for little Louis.

    Besides, Sandra is not that child’s mother. She was her step mother, and if you wanna go talking about bad mothers, look at Sunny’s very own biological mother. That poor little girl deserves better. That whole situation is messed up and I can see Sandra wanting to keep her son apart from it.

  • madylane

    I seriously question any supposed fact coming from Janine. I doubt Sandra is fully out of Sunny’s life. It can be hard to deal with, my sister went through a similar situation. She had to back a way a bit. but she never lot total contact and her ex-stepdaughter always knew how to get in touch with her and did on many occasions.
    Also, until recently, Sandra was said to be helping Sunny come to terms with Jesse getting remarried. Now she is probably helping Sunny come to terms with the fact that both of her biological parents are putz’s.

  • Tazina

    Actually kids of that age forget rather quickly. What Sunny is missing is not so much Sandra herself but having the role that Sandra played in her life. That’s the sad part. But kids are resilient and life goes on. She is dealing with the hand she was dealt.

  • Anonymous

    I highly doubt Sunny never talks about Sandra unless she has been made to feel uncomfortable to do so. Her mother is a disgusting person and I feel bad for that little girl.

  • Anonymous

    Like someone already said Sandra is not Sunny’s mother just ex step mom and Let not forget JJ was going to get married to Kat Von D until Kat and JJ called it off and with all the trash JJ been talking about Sandra trying to hurt her and publicly trying to humiliate her its understandable why there is no contact between the two which is sad but JJ fault.

    If this story is true then Janine needs to stop talking to tabloids using Sandra name to make a quick buck and start working on getting her life together for her little girl because she the one that just has a restraining order by JJ.

  • SMH

    This reminds me of the Halle Berry and Eric Benet? situation. Halle was very close with Eric’s daughter and then when they broke up she cut ties with the girl. It’s got to be hard for them to do so but I also don’t disagree w/ that decision unless they happened to adopt the children as their own. I’m sure it hurts Sandra every day to know she cant see Sunny. But kids do adapt quickly to new situations. Sunny may not talk about her but that does not mean for one second she doesn’t remember or think about her.
    Maybe when the child is older and can make decisions her own she can try and get back in touch w/ the women who was very meaningful to her for so many years. JJ should be the one ashamed of what he did to his daughter. It’s one thing to fall out of love with a person and no longer want to be w/ them and another to cheat! He not only cause a ripped relationship between Sandra and Sunny but he also gave false hope to being a father to Louis! Thank goodness though Sandra appears to be a great single mother and I’m sure Louis is better off!

    • Fred

      yes Halle did cut ties with India MONTHS after she and Benet split.

      During the divorce procedures;Benet had the audacity to not only sue Halle for alimony when she was smart enough to have that cheating lying punk sign a prenup but Benet SUED Halle for child support for India when Halle didn’t legally adopt India.

      He apparently said you see Indian and Me or you don’t so she said no thank you;I want nothing to do with you and your 4 girlfriends especially after she had to have herself checked for HIV after Benet admitted to not using protection with his ladies

      Benet just earlier in the year was caught cheating on Manuela (Prince’s ex) in a New York club with a woman that looked EXACTLY like Halle.

      This new Benet marriage won’t last either.Wait and see . . .

  • AnnieMouse

    I’m sure they both still think about one another often and love each other very much even if they don’t see or even talk to each other. Children need positive influences in their lives when their own parents can’t/won’t provide it for them. I think her ‘mother’ (and I use the term very loosely) should be grateful that Sandra was there for her daughter because she sure as heck wasn’t!

  • Ms D is back as fiancé

    Yes and that Sandra is no longer a part of Sunny’s life never will be either. Look
    At other divorced couples they don’t have their exes in their step daughter’s life.
    And now that the engagement is back on guess Ms D will be taking over!

  • Pencils

    Sandra may not be *allowed* to have contact with the girl–she’s not her mother, just her ex-stepmother. The only way Sandra could have contact with her is to go through her ex husband or the mother, both of whom are horrible, toxic people. I feel so bad for that little girl, too bad she couldn’t have gone with Sandra in the divorce!

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