Alicia Silverstone’s Bear Hug

Alicia Silverstone's Bear Hug

What a lil’ cutie!

New mom Alicia Silverstone and her 3-month-old son Bear Blu were spotted in New York City on Monday (August 22). The 34-year-old Clueless star cuddled her sweet son on set of her new movie Gods Behaving Badly. Papa Christopher Jarecki was on hand to help out between takes.

Born on May 5 with “crazy amounts” of hair, Alicia recently revealed that little Bear has been a “really calm” baby so far.

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Photo credit: Pacific Coast News

  • Felicity

    Oh My Goodness!!! What a CUTIE!!! He has beautiful eyes. I think he looks like his dad. :^) ^_^!!!

  • Anonymous2

    I can 100% honestly say that he is one of the most adorable babies I have ever seen.

    • Anonymous3

      I agree!

  • arabella

    Bear is sweet.

  • Anonymous

    Super cute!

  • Kate

    What an ugly name for such a cute kid. I love unique names but Bear is not even in category of names…weirdo attention starving parents.

  • Julianne

    He’s precious . I just dont get the name

  • Anonymous

    She looks phenomenal! And he is such a cutie :)

  • Lily

    He’s adorable and she looks great! I’m surprised to see that she’s using disposable diapers, given how outspoken she has been about being Vegan and eco-conscious.

    • Anonymous

      I thought the same thing! I was really surprised to see the disposable diapers! I have her book and have visited her website and she is extremely eco friendly. She claims she doesn’t even like to buy new clothes and shops vintage instead! I would think she’d be ALL OVER cloth diaper systems.

    • SMH

      I actually think they are cloth diapers. I can’t be sure of course. But many cloth diapers look like the real thing.

      Bear looks like baby Ben Travolta too!! He’s cute!

      • Rach

        you can tell they are disposables in the close up. They have the little huggies heart prints on them and are crinkled up like plastic.

      • Anonymous

        Cloth diapers ARE the real thing! LOL! I actually think those are the compostables.

      • Anonymous

        I read an article where she said she considered using cloth but went with disposables.

      • Anonymous

        Cloth diapers ARE the real thing! LOL. I actually think those are the compostables.

  • Rachel

    Not my favourite name, but boy is that little guy a cutie!!

  • Anonymous

    Lovely, just an absolutely beautiful picture of both of them :)

  • Trina

    Bear is sooo cute!! Aww!! His name sucks tho, he will never be taken serious as an adult and guaranteed he will make his own nickname by age 13!

    • Anonymous

      That would kind of be ironic when you take Bear Grylls, who did the exact opposite (chose the nickname Bear for himself, rather than his real name Edward. He legally changed his name to Bear so it isn’t just a nickname anymore!)

      Personally I think the name Bear is kinda cute (it’s sweet in the childhood stage, like a teddy bear, but can evolve to be more manly and gruff in the adult stage).

      • Anonymous

        Bear Grylls is the one who named his son Peanut, yes?

  • Anonymous

    He is a beautiful kid!

  • Anonymous

    Bear is a real name you idiots. Not common but it’s not “made up”. Funny how you accept names like Hope, Robin, Faith and so on, but Bear is strange? Get a grip.

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