Richie Sambora & Ava: Dinner Date

Richie Sambora & Ava: Dinner Date

Richie Sambora tagged along to dinner with his 13-year-old daughter Ava and a friend in Woodland Hills, Calif. on Sunday night (August 21).The trio ate at Maria’s Italian restaurant.

The rocker is one proud papa! Besides being a model Ava is starting a movie career. She has landed a role in Judd Apatow’s film This is Forty.

He recently spoke about his teenager getting into the spotlight.

“There’s some trepidation as far as me being a little scared about it, but I’m happy for her and she’s really happy and she’s going right into it, man,” he said.

As for her modeling assignments, there is one thing he’s worried about.

He laughed, “Lingerie! I think it would be a little bit too much. I’m still pretty cool at the moment, but that corner is coming real soon.

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  • Sujinah

    She is 13? Wow … It’s quite surprising to see how teens these days dress and look like …
    I am 15, going on 16 and I would look like someone in elementary school next to her …

  • Rach

    Kinda cute how pleased Richie looks. Seems like Ava is trying to maintain her cool and not smile too much at the paparazzi attention.

  • Rach

    also, sweet of richie to give the kids some space so they can have the spotlight. It’s like he doesn’t want to steal the moment from her.

  • Tiffany

    Lovely girl, but why can’t her parents see that these outfits are just inappropriate for a 13 yr old…I mean these shorts hitting her right in the crotch#Toomuch2soon.

  • Anonymous

    Her shorts are way TOO short.

  • Anonymous

    I think this is cute but I really don’t think a 13 year old or anyone for that matter should wear shorts like that. Way too short. May as well be underwear.

  • Trina

    Some celebs seems to let their children “run wild” no way my 13 yr old would be wearing those shorts OR entertaining a boy.. fyi shes a pretty girl but I wonder if he is overdressed for the weather or is she underdressed?!?!?!

  • Gretchen

    Since she lives in the spotlight, I’m assuming she has aged faster, and this might actually even be a ‘date’ that Richie is chaperoning! Too cute! Even though I’m barely out of college I feel like if I had a 13 year old I wouldn’t be wanting her to wear shorts that short, saying that, if I had legs like that I’d wear ’em too!

  • Anonymous

    Parenting doesn’t exist anymore.

  • Christie

    My 13 year-old would not be permitted to leave the house in those shorts.

  • Anonymous

    As a teacher, having middle school girls following a dress “code” (in my district the guidelines are shorts/skirts must be at finger tip length) is always difficult. This past school year, with the prevalence of trendy “short shorts” our principal spent countless hours calling parents and asking them to bring in more appropriate bottoms for their daughters. Many complained that the code was too strict, and that they were unable to find shorts that were longer, as the super short ones were “on trend”…one even went so far as to claim her daughter had abnormally long arms, and this penalized her to a greater extent (????). It baffles me as to why parents want their daughters walking around with their butt cheeks hanging out! I have sons, not daughters, but can’t imagine letting a young lady wear shorts that short. Maybe at the beach, but not out to dinner. I wish there was a little more modesty “on trend” for young ladies these days who are just trying to look fashionable, and feel forced to wear shorts like these.

    • Janna

      I’m genuinely curious why it would be okay to wear something like this to the beach, but not on the street.

      Can’t be the number of people who will see you, because there are thousands of people on most beaches at any particular time, and probably only dozens on the street.

  • SMH

    You people have to understand that this is the style. Don’t get mad at the kids or the parents get mad at the people who make these clothes for these teens. Even for myself (I’m in my 20’s & very petitie in junior sizes) it’s hard to find shorts that actually fit appropriately and are not riding up my rear end (or front end for that matter)! The clothes are made smaller these days and yes the parents are buying them but when you can’t find anything other then short shorts or midriff tops what are you supposed to buy?
    I just found an old pic of myself and my cousin in early 80’s at 6 yrs old in a school pic wearing midriff tops! I was freaked out by the clothing but my mom said “it was the 80’s it’s what they had out and it’s what we bought and nobody really seemed freaked out then like they do now!” Guess the difference today is 12 yr olds think about sex while back when I was 12 we were thinking about what Barbie doll we were gonna get next!!

  • Anonymous

    Ava is a lovely girl so please don’t judge her only by her clothes. She loves fashion and that’s it!!By the way, her boyfriend is a cutie!!!

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