Christina Aguilera Furious Over Child Abuse Allegations

Christina Aguilera Furious Over Child Abuse Allegations

Singer and songwriter Christina Aguleira is fuming over a recent suggestion that she physically assaulted her 3-year-old son Max and is threatening to sue the media website who published the allegations.

Pictures emerged yesterday of Aguilera carrying a black-eyed Max inside Los Angeles International Airport which were quickly published by along with an incriminating headline referencing child abuse.

“CHILD ABUSE??? CHRISTINA AGUILERA’S SON IS PHOTO’D WITH BLACK EYE!!!” was yesterday’s title, but the site has since removed the child abuse portion.

Aguilera’s lawyer, Eric Greenspan, fired off a letter to the publication threatening legal action and calling their behavior “reckless and unconscionable,” TMZ reports.

He also explains how little Max obtained the injury.

Christina is a wonderful mother and was not present in the park when Max fell and hurt himself. To imply that she had something to do with this incident, without any investigation on your part whatsoever, is reckless and unconscionable. We reserve our client’s legal and equitable remedies of this reputable disparagement of our client’s character.”

He finishes the letter with the all-capital statement of “HAVE YOU NO SHAME!!!”

Media Take Out has responded by clearing up the confusion about their suggestions. They state that “Christina’s peeps (aka lawyers) reached out to us. They assure us that the boy’s injury was caused by a playground accident. Well, there you have it.”

We are wishing Max a speedy recovery and hope to see him back on the playground soon!

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  • hailei_2007

    Who the hell made those guys journalists? To say that about someone on the internet is huge, it’s crazy, it could be so harmful!
    PS: Max is so cute and has turned out so beautifully. And come to think some would say he’s ugly. You are so blind, he’s mega-perfect

  • Courtney

    @Hailiei_2007 I couldn’t agree with you more if only Christina could sue mediatakeout for these allegations unfortunately she can’t. Max is a cutie pie one of my favorite celeb babies lately

  • Tazina

    Anything to sensationilize their lame story, so they make something up. I’d be majorly ticked off too.

  • Anonymous

    my son had a black eye once after falling and hitting his cheek….it could easily happen with a kid his age. journalists will make anything up for attention.

  • Nina Mike

    The kid looks…everybody has hiso own eyes and brain. So lets say it: the child looks…awful. But: i think i never saw him like this before and she is not hismother from today. I see it the first time. I need more information to have an opinion. But facts: 1) he looks awful, 2) its the first time i see this on his face.

    • Anonymous

      Is this a word salad? A riddle? Should we make guesses as to what exactly you are trying to say?

      • Nina Mike

        Facts are never in harmony with each other. truth is never black-white. Its in the middle. I doesnt matter what you or i think- facts are facts. Grow up and stop blaming the life thats its not black-white. Cheers.

      • Nina Mike

        You made me smile, so i will translate it for you, cause you look like a helpless person in language: 1) the word “awful” means that he looks beaten to me, nobody can hit himself on this place, its very difficult 😀 2) the words “first time” mean, that to me she never done this before, cause his face looked always good and its different for the first time, she hit him, yes, but it was an accident. Everybody, who have kids, knows that sometimes it can happen even to the best parent. I think CA is a very emotional person and i think she loves him very deeply and even more that she wants to show. Everybody can loose his nerves. Once ot twice. Come on. Its human. Bad is when it bacomes a usual case. Thats abuse: every time the same. Happy now?

  • Heart

    Poor little max

  • Anonymous

    What an outrageous LIE! Christina is certainly a very loving and caring mum and wouldn´t ever hurt her little one. Children tend to fall and hurt themselves all the time. Max´s black eye most definitely is a result of a fall and will heal in time. The ones who claim that Christina is abusing her child are so stupid and shouldn´t be called journalists! Max is a real cutie pie.

  • Anonymous

    Britney boys more handsome

  • Anonymous

    Ofcourse sean and jayden world fan

  • Anonymous

    Sean and jayed handsome boys

  • Anonymous

    This happens a lot to non-celebrities all the time. I slipped in my driveway carrying my 1 year old and we were both bruised up. Not one person said anything to me, but I am sure some wondered if I hit my daughter. Also, where I live, anyone can call the authorities and say lies to get Children’s aid/whatever to come out and investigate. I am thankful that people do (when they have good intentions) because we are all supposed to be looking out for kids.
    I am not a fan of Christina’s , but she will get through this. I know how she feels right now.

  • SMH

    Aww poor Max. Do people not get that kids get hurt and by accident on their own doing?

    When my cousin was 8 he was in school. He got cold so he put both his arms inside his sleeves and while sitting in a chair he started rocking on it back and forth. Well guess what happened next?? The chair wnet forward and so did he and bc his hands were in his shirt he had no way of stopping himself from his face hitting the floor!! The poor kid looked like a racoon he had the worse black eyes I have ever seen on a child! Of course people always look at the parents and sure a child with bruises often is a concern but even then you can’t just assume the child is being hurt!

  • Davida

    That is one super terrifying lie they put out here. Christina never abused Max in her life. She loved him so much, and how she sue 4 that might be payback. I luv Max. He is one cute child

  • Anonymous

    Jolie pitt kids the best family ever never get like it i’m fan

  • Anonymous

    Poor little baby

  • Anony

    Pretty boy

  • Anonymous

    Kids Spears or son Aguleira All they both beautiful kids but people love boys brit just becoz mom All now that

  • mean sweatheart

    O wow i just want to no if she was abused by her father

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