Jennifer Meyer & Kids Shop In Sydney

Jennifer Meyer & Kids Shop In Sydney

With dad Tobey Maguire busy on the set of his new film The Great Gatsby, Jennifer Meyer took her kids Ruby and Otis shopping at Westfield Bondi Junction in Sydney, Australia today (August 25).

After making a few stops – including a visit to the toy store for the kids – the group headed back to their car, Ruby clutching a blue balloon while her little brother Otis tried not to step on the hem of his Cinderella dress-up gown.

Boasting a star-studded cast that includes his close friend Leonardo DiCaprio, Isla Fisher and Carey Mulligan, Tobey’s new flick based on the F. Scott Fitzgerald classic has already been getting a lot of buzz. It’s due to hit theaters in Fall 2012.

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Photo credit: Flynet

  • Anonymous

    And her son is wearing a Cinderella dress-up gown because…why???

    • Anonymous

      cos he is 2 simple.

    • Anonymous

      Why not?

    • AvaElizabeth

      for fun?
      Don’t see a problem,
      especially, it’s to big for him, think, it’s his sisters gown.
      Why thinking mad about him making a joke?

      Heidi Klums son also plays with a stroller for dolls. so what?

  • Anonymous

    Aww, her daughters are so cute!

    • Anonymous

      Otis is a boy, read much?

      • Anonymous

        uhhhh. i think she actually does have a daughter with her too. hmmm. see much??

  • Iris

    What a lovely family! I love that she let’s Otis wear whatever he wants.
    And for everyone who is going to comment on the ‘OMG boy wearing a dress’ thing; My little brother used to walk behind a small stroller in a Cinderella dress, perfectly happy and all smiles. He turned out just fine.
    If the kid’s happy, then it’s fine, right?

  • Anonymous

    Jennifer looks mortified!!! He probably thru a fit and HAD to wear it. No biggie…..

  • Anonymous

    I’m all for being accepting of people but this is ridiculous!

    • Anonymous

      What’s ridiculous? That a 2-year wants to wear a costume and doesn’t understand that society says, “No! No! No! You have no free will! You must like trucks not Cinderella, or else we will mock you and call your parents ridulous and horrible!”?

      • Anonymous

        well said

  • Anonymous

    Seriously cut that kids hair already? Why subject him to being called a girl at this age? I’m all for letting kids be kids to an extent but that is just wrong. It’s time!

    • Janna

      It’s wrong for his parents to leave his natural hair because YOU have decided he looks like a girl?

      Sigh. . . . Is there anyone on this message board who doesn’t bash every single little decision that people make about their children? Especially those that are of no consequence?

      • Wendy

        My thoughts EXACTLY. It’s like everyone just wants to find the bad in everything they see.

      • Anonymous

        Is there ever a time you comment on the article instead of the people on this message board?

        • Anony

          Well said!

  • Anonymous

    People are very closed-minded and prescriptive. Stifling a child’s imagination or creativity is detrimental, and parents should let them express themselves as much as possible (especially if it causes no harm)!

    “Lighten up, Francis!”

  • Anonymous

    Ruby and Otis look so cute! I especially love Otis´ Cinderella costume and long hair. Who says that a boy should have short hair and only wear boyish costumes? It was just recently when Knox Jolie-Pitt had longer hair and was seen wearing a lady bug costume whe the JP family was in Malta. The costume Otis is wearing doesn´t make him any less of a boy. He is so freaking cute.

  • Anonymous

    Cute children and the boy looks like a little boy in a costume (he has a boy face to me) WTG Mom! let him wear what he likes he’s 2. Like his hair also :-)

  • Anonymous

    This is not about wearing a costume, it’s about wearing a costume made for a girl. He already looks like a girl with that ridiculous hair, now he’s dressed up like one. It’s amazing how the sons of celebrities look like girls (Otis, Everly, Jesse Jameson, Bronx) and the girls look like boys (Shiloh, Billie). If Jennifer wanted another daughter, she should have adopted one instead of making her SON look like a girl.

    • anon

      really? a little boy with long hair and wearing a dress is that offensive to you? good thing you weren’t around when i was growing up. my younger brother wore dresses, put on wigs and got his make up done on a regular basis. why? because he has an older sister [me] and two older cousins who are also female. and guess what? he’s a real man’s man now.

      otis has an older sister he spends all his time with: she plays dress up, so does he. she has long hair, so does he. i’m sure the influence lies more with his older sister than his mother.

      so put some ice on it. these kids are all healthy and happy. if that means having long hair and wearing dresses, so be it.

      • Nina Mike

        How do you know that this is a boy? Maybe there is a difference between biological and social gender by some people? And maybe his social gender has nothing to do with his biological. Maybe only for you he is a boy but not for himself. Maybe you should read more about the people and their nature before judging them. If you know who you are, believe me: he knows it too. Feelings are not things that can be lerned. Kids are born with the feeling who they are. They learn many things but not what they feel. This can never be learned.

        • anon

          how do i know my brother is a boy? maybe because we’ve spent 20+ years of our lives together. he’s one of my closest friends as well as being my sibling. we have the same circle of friends as well. so no, he’s not just pretending to be a guy for me.

          so what precisely are you talking about?

          • Nina Mike

            Im talkin about social and biological gender. First lesson you should learn: social and biological gender are not in harmony in everybody. Just because they are in harmony in you, does not mean that this is a standard case.

          • Anonymous

            whoa. really?!

            thanks for attempting to educate me, but i am well aware of gender issues. i appreciate those wasted keystrokes though.

            so please preach to someone else. :)

    • Anonymous

      And if you want a son you can stifle and force to conform to some societal standard (which is different from person to person anyway), go right ahead.

      The majority of people here disagree with you and know there is NO HARM in letting these children be who they are. They’re not punching anyone in the face. They’re not hanging from the trees with open scissors in their hands.

      Maybe you should ask yourself why YOU so bothered by these parents allowing *their* children some self-expression?

    • Anonymous

      It’s people like you who have made society this way. Why can’t a boy wear a dress when he wants to? Why can’t a girl wear a shirt and tie? There is no reason not to except closed-minded people like yourself who think gender roles are LAW.
      It’s called PERSONALITY. We’re not robots.

  • Andrea

    The people who are leaving hateful comments re: his hair and outfit clearly don’t have any children of their own. You guys are ridiculous. As a mother, you’ve got to pick your battles. And fighting with a two year old about his outfit? Just isn’t worth it. As long as he’s healthy and happy and not walking around naked, who cares.

    • Anonymous

      Andrea, these people don’t “get it”, so don’t waste your time.

    • SLD

      I absolutely agree with picking your battles. My son has left the house in any manner of costumes because I figured it wasn’t worth the argument. Besides, dressing up promotes creativity and imaginative play. Happy, healthy, clean, and preferably not naked are the things I care about when leaving the house!

  • Anonymous

    chill out people is a pretty known fact that children do not gain a sense of gender till around 4 or 5. for all those that judge im so glad you have perfect children that never do anything that make others question!

  • F.A.J

    SERIOUSLY WHY IS EVERYONE MAKING SUCH A BIG DEAL OF IT. SERIOUSLY HE’S 2, YOU HEAR ME 2, 2, 2, 2!!!!!!! If he wants to wear this costume than he wears it. GOSH!!!! I don’t know why you guys make a big deal of this because you guys (just like me) don’t know this family in real life. This is just like when boys wants to play with make-up or barbie dolls, just like girls wants to play with robots and other technology. Maybe he is in the wrong body, but I don’t think that, because he’s only 2. Seriously why can’t this child play or dress in girl things. I had the same thing with my 3 year old son. Before he likes to dress in girl clothes and play with barbie dolls and now he is 6 and a 100% boy. I mean this is the same thing with Shiloh jolie pitt wants to be a boy. I remind you guys (except for the ones who respect this) that they’re children and not adults. So a 2 year old boy can’t play with girl things and dress in girl clothes and a 5 years old can’t have short hair, play with boy things and dress in boy clothes? R we back in the 60’s. Also remind you guys this isn’t your child. For the ones who don’t respect this, if you don’t like it, than don’t go to this website and worry about your own children if you think this is weird.

    P.S I also like his hair. Otis is adorable. Also the same thing with Ruby. :^)

  • Anonymous

    Ok, I will admit I couldn’t figure out where Otis was… until I realized the little girl I thought was a friend of Ruby’s is OTIS! LOL! At first I was a bit surprised but hey, the kid is 2, he has a big sister, and who cares if he’s marching around in a fun looking costume? It’s pretty shocking to me how closed minded and judgemental some people are on here. So we need to force two year old boys to play with tractors and trucks? Him wearing dresses for a costume means nothing, it just means that a toddler saw something he wanted to play with it and he has NO CONCEPT that men don’t typically wear dresses in adult society. Big deal! And his hair is cute. I believe they are jewish and isn’t there something in Jewish culture about not cutting a boy’s hair until a certain age?

  • SMH

    I guess for me I don’t get why parents keep their boys hair long and then get angry when people call their beautiful son a little girl. It would take one comment for me to want to shave my sons head! I am just a bit more traditional in that I like boys to look like boys and girls to look like girls. But I don’t think by Ottis wearing this costume is really effecting anyone so I’m not really going to judge as kids will be kids.

    • Anonymous

      how do you know that Otis’ parents are getting angry for people calling him a girl? Was there a part of the article I missed?

    • Anonymous

      It’s too bad that you would let other people influence the way you bring up your child. If you prefer short hair on boys, which it appears you do, that’s just fine. But if you let it grow long, would you really want to cut it just to satisfy the type of rude, judgemental, idiot who would comment on it?? I hope not.

  • Anonymous

    Ha, I wonder if his sister dressed up him! C’mon…guys almost always admit their older sisters did that when they were little…and Jennifer seems to be having a laugh.

  • arabella


  • Anonymous

    A 2 year old wants to play dress up – big deal. It would be a different story if his mom was forcing him to dress and accessorize like a little puppet, according to her specifications or (gasp!!) bleaching the child’s hair.

  • Nina Mike

    If somebody feels that he wants something, i dont see nothing wrong in a feeling, because feelings are the ohnest part of us. Kids dont know ” the rules” , dont care what they “must” be. Only what they feel they are. Sorry for all that think he brakes… “the rules”. For me there is only 1 rule: happyness in the freedom of the spirit and the mind. I know its gona be a hard way. But freedom will come. The freedom to be who you are, to wear what you want, to feel good in your own…personality. If this choice is part of his taste i like it. I like every part of his spirit. Part of him. I like it when somebody is ohnest. Yes, he is not what everybody expect. He is himself.

  • Sonya

    Wow, so many judgmental people here:-(

    As for his hair, they’re Jewish and as such won’t cut his hair until he’s 3 (and I assume not after that either if he doesn’t want it cut).

  • Nina Mike

    To be or not to be? That is the question. I am asking you all one simple question: what is more important- the social or the biological gender. And what from both can make a child happy, make a from a small child a generous personality, ohnest and happy and in harmony with himself one day, who will be a gift for this society and not his…punishment ? Or are Angelina and this woman wrong and bad people? Bad to…their own… blood, their own children. Thank you.

  • Nina Mike

    If some people need to dress like this i wil support them. Till our society recognize the difference between the social and the biological gender and the many, thousands of people by who there is disharmony in this i can only suggest to the parents of such kids to dress them: unisex and the fashion rulers will shut up. Have a nice day. Nina, 26 years old, Münster, Germany.

  • Nina Mike

    P.S. Unisex means: sport clothes but colour correct to the social gender: social boys dont like pink and purple, but every other colour and social girls dont like the anouther colours.

  • Anonymous

    I think this pictures is hilarious! I love the mom’s look on her face – you can tell she’s embarrassed that the photographers caught them at this moment. He’s two – I agree who cares that he’s wearing a princess costume. My three year old son likes to play dress up, too, and probably wouldn’t hesitate to put something like that on. I really don’t like long hair on boys, though, so I do wish she would cut his hair.

  • SallyAnn

    Several things:
    1. He’s totally wearing a grey “manly” sweatsuit under his princess dress.
    2. He’s happy. Two things I know for certain a.if it’s not
    Dangerous and it makes them happy, let them
    Do it. b. Never wake a sleeping baby (lol)
    3. He sort of resembles a young Apple Martin

  • C.

    I think all this haters wants a Cinderella’s dress to.
    Otis looks great in that costume, he’s really beautiful!

  • Anonymous

    Get over it, people so concerned about how the kid is dressed.

    Maybe take a minute and think about something that actually matters.

  • Cam

    The other day my two year old grandson put on his sister’s Snow White costume, grabbed a play sword and told us he was a “dragon killer”. One day he’s in a Cinderella dress, the next day he’s a pirate. No big deal.

  • Sophia

    Otis is adorable! Do people on this site not know that kids play dress-ups? Seriously, you don’t have to be a girl to play fairytale games; it’s not a girls’ fascination necessarily, it’s a kids’ fascination, and who is it hurting? Let the poor kid be!

  • anonymous

    I guess it’s ok for girls to dress like boys, but God forbids a boy dresses like a girl.

  • kfind

    Cute kids! I can’t believe that people are actually offended by pictures of a 2-year-old in a costume.

    • wendy

      There’s nothing offensive about this at all – it’s a 2 year old playing dress up, plain and simple. These children are always dressed as regular kids and mom is just letting him do HIS thing as opposed to hers – i.e. no wacky hairstyles, funky wardrobe, hair dye, like I’ve seen on this site on other posts. Using your child as an accessory IS offensive, but that’s not the case here.

  • Ondine

    I’m starting to think this CBS site is baiting their viewers into making negative comments about the celebrities. Just today alone I’ve seen stories of Tori Spelling’s boy using very bad language, at least two gals who want a baby RIGHT NOW and don’t care where the baby comes from or who the father is, headlines implying Christina Aguilera’s had something to do w/ her boy’s black eye, so many more I have no time to mention, and now a photo of a boy wearing a dress. I would think w/ the entire pool of celebrity baby photos to chose from, they might find more flattering family photos that don’t invite so much criticism and will not prejudice viewers against celebrities they know nothing about except what they see on this web site. Give us all a break CBS, please. It’s you who seem to hate the families you portray on this site.

  • Anonymous

    His hair will probably be kept long until he turns 3, as his mother is an observant Jew.

  • Anonymous

    My son wore fairy dresses EVERYWHERE till almost 4. I never got a single person make one mean comment. Everyone just chuckled and we laughed about it. And he looked adorable. I couldn’t give a brass razoo if he’s as camp as a row of tents when he grows up. He’s my kid, he’s terrific and if he wants to wear a fairy dress because it makes him feel special or its his favourite colour or WHATEVER then he is wearing the fairy dress.

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