Tori Spelling Shares Liam’s Message To Paparazzi

Tori Spelling Shares Liam's Message To Paparazzi

Sounds like Tori Spelling‘s high-profile life might be affecting her sweet son Liam. The adorable 4-year-old boy just had a run in with the paparazzi, and mama Tori took to EdiTORIal to share his reaction.

Liam just said, “I hate paparazzi. Next time I see one, I’m gonna spill soda on him, call him a bitch, and then maybe I’ll kick him in the wiener.”

The expectant mom added, “Disclaimer: I have no idea where Liam heard the word “bitch”… but large men with cameras, beware!”

Tori and her husband Dean McDermott – who are also parents to 3-year-old daughter Stella – are expecting their third child together.

What do you think of Liam’s reaction?

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  • gini

    Wow great parenting there Tori. Letting your child talk like that.

  • Anonymous

    gini – just because he said it, doesn’t mean she is “letting” him talk like that. kids say things all the time…from hearing it at school, camp, the playground, or just being around grown ups. we can’t control it before it comes out of their mouths.

    • Grace

      The fact that she’s publicly sharing that information, instead of being embarrassed by it, kind of shows that she doesn’t think it’s bad that her four-year-old is swearing. And she could control it better, she doesn’t have to swear in front of him, which she does quite frequently on her show.

      • melo1983

        Have you ever been followed by paparazzi? Have they ever shown up at your child’s preschool? Probably not. And I’m sure it’s frustrating to the point where she’s not embarrassed that Liam said it because she agrees. Whether it’s “right” or not is for you to have your own opinion about, that doesn’t make her a bad mother.

        • Grace

          It’s her fault the paparazzi follow her everywhere. She trots those kids out like show ponies, exploiting every aspect of their lives to get media attention, so she is reaping what she she has sown when it comes to attention to the media. She also swears in front of him all the time on her show and has admitted in interviews that she swears in front of her children. I think both of those actions make her a bad mother.

          • Anonymous

            SHE IS THE MOST ANNOYING CELEBRITY ON EARTH and thanks to twitter I will never see the end of her. Entertainment websites will forever be posting her CRAP.

    • Anonymous

      well said

    • gini

      Then obviously she is or letting someone else talk like that around her child. I have a 7 yr old and a 4 yr old and neither one of them has ever talked like that.
      And apparently she isn’t embaressed that her kid would say something like that in the first place since she is sort of bragging about it.

  • Anonymous

    Obviously she wants the paparazzi following her and her kids and wants them all to be in the limelight. If she didn’t they wouldn’t be, period. And I am sure Liam hears her parents talking bad about the paparazzi and is just following suite. Why talk bad about them when you invite them into your life and want them around?

  • Taryn

    Wow, nice mouth kiddo. Glad she’s giving a 4 year old soda too. What a TORIble parent.

    • Anonymous

      Yeeeeeeea, doesn’t look like they watch their mouths around the kids. Hard to teach them right and wrong when the parents are setting an example. Also, agreed with the soda comment. Looooved the “Torible” slang 😉

  • k

    School, nursery or whatever, none of my children knew or used the word bitch at 4, or any age for that matter!!

  • Anonymous

    Wow, talk about biting the hand that feeds you. Surprised she wanted to share this with the world.

    • Anonymous

      she is too stupid and delusional to realize that she has no talent or where her money comes from.

  • Anonymous

    Wow… that little kid knows alot of words….

  • Anonymous

    I have 4 year old and I seriously doubt he would pick up a word like that at school. If I recall from her shows, her husband swears a lot. I would be mortified and concerned if my 4 yo said something like that. I was upset when he said “Darnit” last week!

  • LilianaMama

    I think it’s pretty funny. I wouldn’t want my little one talking that way and I’m sure she doesn’t want her to talk that way either. I think she’s sharing it to prove a point to the paparazzi…and share how it is affecting her son.

  • Anonymous

    Yes, yes, we would all prefer that our children didn’t pick up these words but they do. Being a celebrity doesn’t make you any less human; curses slip out and kids have a knack for picking up on the things that we would prefer they didn’t. That being said, the kid sounds pretty clever and I would have had a hard time containing the chuckle had my child said it. :-)

  • alice

    Tori, you reap what you sow. You invited the paparazzi to take pictures of you and your kids every time you left the house. Stop calling them and they will stop following you! You are not Angelina! Liam has been acting like a brat since he could talk because Tori spoils her children. She never gives them any discipline or sets boundaries as to what is appropriate for them. So he is turning out to be a foul mouthed, angry bully who has to have his way. Tori once said, if the kids don’t want the cameras around, they will stop filming their show. Guess its time!!! Thank Goodness!

  • AnonymousA

    Not that it’s good that he feels so angry/agressive about them, but that was funny and cute. I hope that the paparazzi got the message.

    And for those who are worried about him knowing the word “bitch”, stop acting like fools. That word is used in music and on TV-shows in USA, not to mention in other countrys too, who listen and see american music and TV-shows.

  • hailei_2007

    Wow, you Americans are so stuck up and hypocrites! For such a decadent country, you really find decency in the silliest places.
    Oh, and of course, your parenting is always a billion times better than anybody else s.

    • Anonymous

      Why waste your time on a silly American website my friend?

      • hailei_2007

        Not for the readers, that’s for sure, but because I love your celebrities.

  • Wendy

    I seriously don’t understand how everyone has to find the bad in every single situation. Sorry to burst your bubble but your opinions are just that. OPINIONS. You can’t tell someone how to raise her children when you have never met her in your life. Stop acting like you know everything about her. I just think it’s funny that you think everything you criticize will matter to her, or any other celebrity for that matter lol. Just think what people would be saying about you if your life was documented for the whole world to see. Get. Over. Yourselves.

  • Anonymous

    I’m sure he didn’t hear that on the playground, school or camp. He heard it at home and knew exactly when and how to use the word too. That’s why the kids today are the worst – the parenting is horrendous.

  • Anonymous

    omg people, get over yourselves..he’s 4 years old…i’ve been around PLENTY of four year olds and most of them just spit things out that have NO MEANING. Like other people said, they learn it from the society we live in and just because he said it one time doesn’t make him a bad kid or her a bad parent. Who cares how she parents or disciplines, she isn’t raising YOUR children. As for the soda- who knows if he drinks soda; it could be just plain izze soda or jones soda he was talking about. Kids don’t mean things literally. Havent any of you seen the monsters clip on youtube? I for one think tori is a great parent- she is one of the few celebrities i ever see toting around her own kids, and not having 3+ nannies with her. She invited people into her families life to make a career for herself.

  • Sophia

    Whoa, potty-mouthed toddler! If my child talked like that I don’t think I’d be broadcasting it… :S

  • Fabrice

    Dear Liam: Your mommy CALLS paparazzi! Did you ever wonder how Startraks photo agency (Albert Michael) shows up in your back yard and in front of your house and on family vacations? It’s because Mommy Tori calls the agency to shoot you and your sister in your most private moments. Why? Mommy wants to make money and keep her face and name in the public eye or she will be forgotten. That said, are you still gonna punch and kick the people that Mommy called?

    • carrie

      Very well put- I wonder if he will ever be smart enough to figure it all out???

    • Anonymous

      Hilarious. I hope Tori reads this.

  • Anonymous

    Yikes!! I am very surprised she would allow her child to talk like this… let alone, more of less, brag about it. This makes Liam sound very bratty.

  • Trina

    Its actually funny.. just bc she shared doesn’t mean she didn’t discipline him for speaking that way, my 4 yr old picked up the word “shit” from somewhere, she got in trouble for using the word, but I also shared with my facebook friends and family, and it was a laugh and others shared storieds of their kids using bad language.. SO WHAT!!!

  • Anonymous

    Maybe tori should Stop inviting the paps everywhere. Doubt liam picked that attitude up from tori as she loves the paps. But it wouldn’t surprise me if it was just a publicity stunt. She loves media attention.

  • anonymous

    Gimme a break. If it wasn’t for paparazzi she would mostly be limited to those lame reality shows she and husband do. They publicize every single thing they do so that statement is stupid. Even if it was said by the boy. It’s obviously her behind it.

  • Sarah34

    Tori was never followed by the paparazzi until she got her show not to mention she twits about were she is goes. If she so bothered by the paparazzi she should stop putting her life and kids on TV and move to a less paparazzi infected neighborhood but she doesn’t want to give up the life style the show gives her so her kids have to suffer So the only person she can blame is herself.

    I find it funny that the only people who complain about the paparazzi are the once who put their lives on TV Kardashians, Tori and so on the REAL celebrities take it as part of the job.

  • Anonymous

    It must SUCK to be a kid and constantly hounded because your parents are famous. Can you imagine flash bulbs going off every time you go out? Or trying to play at the park and some cockroach is taking your photo from behind a tree? I say Liam has the right to speak his mind-in any way that lets him release his frustrations. Obviously Tori does not let him go around using foul language.

  • Anonymous

    What is most disconcerting about this story is how flippantly he seemed to use the foul language. Its not as though he spilled something or stubbed his toe or something and then reacted in the same way/with the same language as his parents had in similar situations. (I’ve heard of this happening with many young children who mimic their surprised parents’ in those “Oh Shoot” moments… but generally the parents are surprised and even a little upset with themselves for allowing the child to pick up that language from them in the first place.)

    But no. He used the word in a conversational, everyday kind of way, which is troubling. Whatsmore, it was a swear word that is directed at someone, calling that person a horrible name. When he gets to KINDERGARTEN, is he going to call some 5 year old that he doesn’t like a b—-, or maybe even something worse?

  • Anonymous

    Anonymous 11:00pm Then it must SUCK to have a camera in your face 24/7 at your house, in your room in the car with you following him were ever he goes. Liam has the right to speak his mind-in any way that lets him release his frustrations about his mom’s fame whore ways.

    Please tell me what the different is between what his parents put him though on the daily with their reality show, instead of flash bulbs going off every time he goes out, at home he has a film crew following him around imagine living like that.

  • Anonymous


  • SMH

    Hey Tori,

    You can’t have your cake and eat it too!!

    If you don’t want to be followed move out of Hollywood. If you don’t want to be followed stop having reailty shows based on your lives where your children are highly exposed. If you don’t want to be followed stay away from places that are highly run down with paparazzi!!

    What Liam said doesn’t bother me as I have had nephews spill out curse words (and yes that’s all thanks to my brothers potty mouth). They say the best thing to do for a situation like this is to ignore it rather then discipline it bc when children find out that this word is “bad” they think it’s funny to use it to get a reaction from you!! Of course if your child is 6 or 7 or older they should know better that these are inappropriate words but you also have to be the parent and set an example by not tryin to use them in front of your kids.

  • Amy

    There sure are a lot of glass houses out there….

  • Taylor

    Well said anonymous 12:20 in response to Tori’s comments disguised as anonymous 11:00! Liam wouldn’t know what its like to have famous parents…Tori and Dean are not famous, they are NARCISSISTIC!!

  • Anonymous

    Is this supposed to be “cute” or something? Why is she bragging about this. No wonder restaurants are banning kids these days. Parents actually seem to encourage bad behavior.

  • jacquie109

    Wow, a child saying a derogatory word is “horrible parenting”? And as for glass houses ……… Judging others parenting doesn’t make you a better person or parent.. I bet you’d all shout your opinions at her from the other side of the street too!

  • Taylor

    Nope, Jacquie109, I would say it to their face! There is nothing more embarrassing for a parent than to be told their child’s behavior is inappropriate! Tori needs someone to tell that to her upfront. I raise my hand to do it!

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