Melissa Joan Hart & Family At The Lion King Premiere

Melissa Joan Hart & Family At The Lion King Premiere

Melissa Joan Hart and her family showed up at the premiere of The Lion King 3D at the El Capitan Theatre in Los Angeles, Calif. on Saturday (August 27).

Posing on the red carpet, Mason, 5, held a toy snake while Brady, 3, was carried by dad Mark Wilkerson.

The actress has said she would like to have more kids.

My mom had seven children. There’s eight in my family in total… I just figure I’m like her and I’m going to want lots of kids and so I figure when I’m done having children then I’ll want to have more so I’d love to adopt. I would love to keep going and growing with my family.”

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Photo credit: Bauer Griffin

  • Anonymous

    Sorry if this sounds mean but he is WAY too hot for her!

    • Anonymous

      Sorry if this sounds mean, but you’re a pig!

    • Andrea

      I’m sure you’re a real hottie, yourself.

      • Anonymous

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    • Anonymous

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  • F.A.J

    These children r so cute.!!! ^_^

  • SMH

    Her boys are super cute!! And daddy well he aint’ so bad looking either!

  • Anonymous

    I think MJH is cute. She is very down to earth and is a good mother. Yes, her husband is good looking, but they are both good looking and I am sure he thinks his wife is gorgeous and sees more in her than just her looks.

  • Anonymous

    he’s not that hot

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  • Anonymous

    she looks pregnant already. no muscle tone whatsoever. ladies, it’s not hard to stay fit and muscular while pregnant. I’m 8 months and look exactly like Samantha Harris. Why do so many stop weight resistance while pregnant??

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      Wow, you sound perfect. Why can’t we all be as awesome as you? After your baby is born, are you also going to be one of those mothers who criticizes everything other mothers do and then talks about how you’re a much better mother? You must be so much fun to be around! *eyeroll*

      • Perfect?

        Right? She does sound perfect. It would be so amazing to have that easy of a pregnancy to “stay fit”. Oh and criticizing her body now…maybe she works more with being a good mom to her boys and a good wife and her work then worrying about her muscle tone in her arms.

  • E R

    Mason and Brady are GORGEOUS children; especially Mason, awwwe.
    I think Mark looks cute and I think Melissa fits well with him. This may not be Melissa greatest photo, but she’s pretty, non the less, so leave them alone…I mean they look happy, are married and seem to have well happy children. Get a clue HATERS!

  • Lioness

    She has gorgeous boys.

  • Anonymous

    It may just be me, but I totally think she’s pregnant with baby #3!

    P.S. They sure make some beautiful babies together..

    • Anonymous

      Prove it

  • Ondine

    I think we need a few more photos of him to determine his hotness, hopefully some where he’s smiling. He is rather appealing, I’ll say that much.

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    he is not so hot and .she is still pretty ,the problem is that unfortunately she didnt aged well as him:(

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