Brad Pitt & Kids: Mr. Popper’s Penguins Pals

Brad Pitt & Kids: Mr. Popper's Penguins Pals

Brad Pitt took his kids to a screening of Mr. Popper’s Penguins on Monday (August 29) at the Odeon Theater in London, England.

The doting daddy held hands with 3-year-old twins Knox and Vivienne alongside their older sibs Pax, 7, Zahara, 6½, Shiloh, 5. Mama Angelina Jolie and big brother Maddox were not spotted with the gorgeous group.

Brad is in the UK filming his latest movie, World War Z, which is a post-apocalyptic zombie film. Apparently the hunky papa recently came to the rescue of a female extra during the filming of an action scene in Glasgow, Scotland.

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  1. Trina

    These kids put a schmile, yes schmile on my face. The kids seem to have made Brads life complete.. happy for them. Beautiful family

  2. Anonymous

    So beautiful kids

  3. Anonymous

    To me, Knox looks like Angelina with blonde hair.

    • Anonymous

      I think so too. Especially the eye shape, except Knox’s are blue instead of green. I hope the girls grow into more of Angelina’s beauty.

      I think Shiloh looks a lot like Jon Voight.

  4. Anonymous

    beautifil family

  5. Anonymous

    the kids are beautiful, and i know they encourage them to be “free to be me” but why do they always look so sloppy???? i mean it seems like they never ever ever have their hair combed…..especially their biological kids. i have 6 kids too, including a set of twins, and times get crazy around here, but i do try to drag a comb through their hair once in a while, and i don’t even have a nanny!! cute, but messy – as always.

    • Sujinah

      Maybe it’s because I am not white (so messy hair for me is not the same for you) but I don’t see their hair so messy … It’s how most kids hair end up when they’ve played or do a certain activity. I mean look at Vivienne’s hair. It looks perfect to me. I would be more worried about Zahara’s hair though. I hope someone takes good care of it. Cause nappy hair is a pain. Trust me.

    • SMH

      Thats funny you should say that bc my first though after looking at Zahara is how short her jeans are and it appears she’s always wearing an undershirt as a regular shirt. For two people who are rich they sure do all dress very homely looking! But like you said, still cute even with the sloppiness lol.

  6. Judge Judy

    Who jacked K-Fed’s wardrobe?
    Brad looks ridiculous.

  7. Anonymous

    what is sloppy about the way they look? they are no different from my nieces,i donot get it.Beautiful kids

  8. Anonymous

    Yep Knox just like handsome dad brad . Beautiful family

  9. Anonymous

    The kids look fine take off Viv jacket off and she wearing a dress which looks like the Burberry dress she had on when she was at the flower shop with Angelina weeks ago, Knox has on a plaid top and khaki pants that could be rolled up but other than that he’s find and his hair is combed the, Z pants are to short but it look like dad didn’t care and was like ok lets go, Pax and Shi look fine too and Shi hair does look messy but she looks like a wild child that not going to stay nice and neat for long. If you think they look sloppy all the time then you haven’t seen many pictures of them, they seem to have play clothes and more dresser clothes what are they supposed to wear to the movies?

    What’s wrong with what Brad has on a sweater a T-shirt and khaki pants he doesn’t look young he looks fine.

    I have 4 kids two of which will stay nice and neat all day long my other two are a completely different story and my 6 year old within 2 min after I’m done doing her hair it’s a mess again ether I stand all day fixing her hair or I get over it and let it be their kids.

  10. Anonymous

    i think knox looks like nancy, brad’s mom.

  11. Anonymous

    i think Knox looks like Nancy, Brad’s mum.

  12. Anonymous

    What a beautiful family! Trina – I agree with you completely. The kids seem to have made Brad´s life complete. Just look at the way he´s guiding Knox and Viv out of the theater holding their hands. He is meant to be a father. He longed for the family of his own for years and now he has one. As far as Zee´s clothing is concerned I can only say that that´s not an undershirt she´s wearing but a T-shirt. And her hair is just perfect. Pax and Shi are also very adorable. Really missing Mad but maybe he wanted to stay with mum and have some quality mother-son time.

  13. Anonymous

    What lie of you? Nancy older woman knox looks young not older you can say he looks Angie now


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