Madonna & Kids: Fun In France

Madonna & Kids: Fun In France

Material Mom Madonna is enjoying some time off in the South of France at the moment, taking a vacation at the Hotel du Cap Eden Roc in Antibes with her kids Lourdes, 14, Rocco, 11, David, 5 and Mercy, 4.

Also joining the legendary pop superstar – who celebrated her 53rd birthday earlier this month – and her family is her new boyfriend, French hip hop dancer Brahim Zaibat, 24.

After spending the day in the water, Madonna, Brahim and her kids were spotted kicking back with with friends on the balcony of the luxury hotel. Later, the ‘Ray of Light’ singer and her beau brought Lourdes along as they took in a bit of the local nightlife.

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Photo credit: Bauer Griffin


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  1. Anonymous

    By the way, it’s Brahim Zaibat, not Zaobat. He turns 25 in a few days. Mercy has been 5 since January (DOB January 22, 2006). Brahim’s not a “new” boyfriend, they’ve been together for a year.

    I think all of them went to a “party” together because Madonna was standing next to the children in that balcony in other pictures and they were all dressed up. David had on a dress shirt and Mercy a nice dress with a cardigan.

    There was also a picture of Lourdes from earlier in the day hugging and kissing Mercy. She seems like a sweet older sister with both Mercy and David.

  2. BB

    Wow, I just have to comment, Lourdes is a knockout!

  3. BB

    Madonna should watch out that her Boyfriend doesn’t go for Lourdes instead lol, given they only have a 10yr age gap vs her 30yr one with him :) She still loves her toy boys :)) Gotta love Madonna!

    • Anonymous

      Brahim is an adult, Madonna is an adult-they are free to date adults. Lourdes is a child. If he were involved with a child, it would be a criminal offense. Come on now.

  4. Trina

    How lucky are they!! 1. Madonna needs to do something better with Mercy’s hair *seriously hire the girl a hair stylist or something* 2. Lourdes is beautiful but did she get a boob job? And don’t act like some celebs wouldn’t let their 14 yr old get plastic surgery!

  5. Anonymous

    Just love these pics of Madoona and her kids. Looks like all four have grown a lot. Lourdes is already a beautiful young lady who looks a lot like her mum. Rocco seems to be a really loving big brother to his little sis Mercy. Both Mercy and David have gotten really tall for their age very quickly. Hard to imagine that David is 5 and Mercy is 4. They both look older than their years due to their heights.

  6. Anonymous

    Mercy is HUGE for 4!

  7. SMH

    Did Madonna take a swim fully clothed lol?

    I don’t think Lourdes got a boob job! Believe it or not some young ladies are well endowed (lucky her)! She’s beautiful and looks like a normal teenage girl to me.

  8. eb

    Madonna is to old to date a 24 year old. Lourdes is so pretty but the bathing suit is to hucho efor her. Lourdes looks 18 or 19. Mercys hair looks horrible. Rocco is cute.

  9. Sujinah

    I’ve had big breasts since I were 13 … (which I personally think sucks). And I don’t think the bathing suit is too much for her. She just has a more “mature” body (which is something she has no control over) so whatever. Let her wear what she wants.
    And for those thinking that Madonna is too old for a 24 year old, GET A FUCKING LIFE. There are plenty of older woman dating younger people and vice verca. Do they bother you so much that you have to write that here ?

  10. Anonymous

    Mercy is actually over 5 and a half now and David turns 6 in less than a month.


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