Jessica Alba & Honor: Coffee Break

Jessica Alba & Honor: Coffee Break

Fueled by java!

New mom-of-two, Jessica Alba, grabbed a quick coffee with her 3-year-old daughter Honor and the nanny in Los Angeles today (August 31). Jess looked great in a black maxi dress and striped cardigan, while Honor was super cute in a sweet sundress and multi-colored pedicure. Jessica’s newborn daughter, Haven Garner, 2 weeks, and husband Cash Warren were not spotted with the gorgeous mother-daughter duo.

Sounds like Jess is ready to return to her svelte figure! On Tuesday, the 30-year-old actress tweeted about her plan to return to a regular exercise regime: “my doc told me I could start after 2 wks. -im going light, stationary bike and elliptical.”

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  • Anonymous

    She is so cute and I adore her style!
    Can’t wait to see pictures of Honor and Haven playing together.

  • Anonymous

    A nanny is required for 1 mother and 1 child to go to Starbucks?

    • Anonymous

      OMG! Enough with this already every time a nazimommy sees a nanny!
      Did it ever occur to you that the baby was home sleeping with Daddy, so the three of them ran to get Starbucks?
      The nanny is a human you know, maybe Jessica just said “hey, let’s run to starbucks!”
      It doesn’t mean that she can’t go to starbucks without the nanny, it could mean she WANTED her to go.
      But go ahead and keep thinking that every celeb is lazy and incapable of raising their own kids.

      • amy

        The nanny probably gets paid whether she goes with her or not (i.e. with a toddler and a newborn, she’s probably working full time), so I don’t see the big deal with bringing her.

        But Anonymous 8:17, your tirade was a little over the top. You don’t have to take it so personally that the other person made a critical comment – geez!!!

  • Anonymous

    Well I’m just going to kick off a “poo” storm on here and say judging by her choice of bra, and very clear lack of breast pads (yes you can see that clearly through that dress) – AND by the fact that she didn’t breastfeed Honor -I think she is not breastfeeding this new baby.

    Go ahead and contest all you like, but you know it’s probably true.

    • Anonymous

      ok……..and? what’s your point? it’s her decision on whether or not she wants to breastfeed. not EVERY woman breastfeeds their children. geez!

    • Janna

      You can tell what kind of bra she’s wearing, whether there are nursing pads inside her bra *AND* that she’s not breastfeeding. . . . . all from this one photo?

      Bravo! I’m impressed!

      • Rebecca

        Lack of pads proves NOTHING.
        Regardless, who cares if she’s breastfeeding or not? How does that hurt you?
        To breastfeed or not to breastfeed is a personal choice. It doesn’t work for all mothers and babies, so no one has the right to judge anyone over it. Honor and Haven are Jessica’s babies, not yours.
        Why don’t you just have fifty kids and breastfeed all of them so you can sleep at night, and leave Jessica alone?

        • Janna

          I think you missed my sarcasm at the original poster. I agree with you 100%!

          • Rebecca

            Oh, Janna, I’m sorry! I didn’t miss your sarcasm at all — I clicked the reply button beside the first comment, but it made it a response to yours. I agree with you too, haha. :) Sorry abut that.

    • Anonymous

      She does breastfeed, she said so on Twitter. Who wouldn’t when you burn 500+ calories doing it!

  • Kaylee

    Anonymous 11:12am@ Your really need to stop you sound like a crazy stalker talking about what kind of bra she wearing and whether or not she’s breastfeeding none of your business and what do you care?

  • Anonymous

    Poo storm complete. :)

    Lol, no seriously, couldn’t give a damn, just noticed, and yeah, like to just stir the comments section up a little.

  • DD

    How do you even know she didn’t breastfeed Honor? In every article I read of hers she always says that she did.

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