Jon Gosselin: “Reality TV Is Not A Career”

Jon Gosselin: "Reality TV Is Not A Career"

Oh no he didn’t!

Former Jon and Kate Plus 8‘s leading man Jon Gosselin has a little piece of advice for his ex-wife Kate Gosselin: “Get back to a normal life — a simple life.”

His stinging sentiment was prompted by Kate’s concern for her family’s future once her hit reality series Kate Plus 8 ends on September 12th.

“Reality TV isn’t a career,” the computer support engineer reveals in an interview with “Provide for your family.”

Kate – who is a single mom to 10-year-old twins Cara and Mady, and 7-year-old sextuplets Alexis, Hannah, Aaden, Collin, Leah, and Joel – isn’t quite ready to say goodbye to the cameras and is unsure about her family’s future, not to mention her own transition from reality star to regular mom.

“I’m freaking out. Big time,” Kate said. “I’ve never quit a job in my life without having something else lined up.”

Jon, who claims he continually pays child support and still sees his eight children often, isn’t worried about his ex’s concerns.

“Things will work out the way they should work out,” Jon says. “Obviously, there are families out there that have several kids – people work normal jobs, and things work out.”

Jon – who has since given up his reality career since his highly publicized split from Kate in 2009 – is currently living a modest lifestyle yet claims he is still able to provide for his children.

“I go to work every day and provide for my family,” he says. “I spend time with my kids – spend time on the weekends … and enjoy a normal lifestyle.”

For more on how Kate and the kids are adjusting, pick up the latest issue of People on newsstands this Friday, September 9.

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  • Anonymous

    Kate is not a single mom, she has an x-husband who is involved with his childrens lives

    • Anonymous

      Um….Kate IS a single mom. She’s not married, not dating. She’s a single mom. He’s a single dad. I’m pretty sure a bunch of divorced moms that, even with their ex husbands in their kids lives, feel pretty strongly that they are single moms.

  • Rebecca

    Well this is a lovely example of the pot calling the kettle black. Last time I checked, sleeping around wasn’t part of “the simple life.”

    • Anonymous

      Kate cheated first. Sure, it wasn’t right that Jon cheated,too…but she had an affair with Steve (the bodyguard) before Jon got a girlfriend.

      • LaKesha

        You know this how?

    • Anonymous

      he’s actually been flying under the radar with a real job and, apparently, a steady gf for a while now

  • Anonymous

    I am so glad the show got the axe.

    TLC even began to show what a horrible person Kate is to be around, even her beloved “body card/man servant” getting annoyed with her and the girl who has been babysitting the kids since they were babies can’t stand her anymore.

    She better be careful or once her kids get old enough, they aren’t going to want anything to do with her either

  • Anonymous

    Okay…nr 1 is she a mom? Yes Nr2 is she currently single? yes…. therefore she’s a single mom. She’s paying the bills. I’d really like to know how the Dugards are able to have money for their kids.

    • Anonymous

      Do you mean the Duggars, or Jaycee Lee Dugard? Bit random if it’s the second one, so I’m guessing you mean the Duggars. They earn income from owning commercial property, through which they earn rent, plus speaking engagements and of course their TLC series income.

      People generally say “single mom” when they mean that the father is out of the picture… Kate is more of a “divorced mom” since Jon is still present in his children’s lives and pays child support.

      • Janna

        And don’t they, or their son, own a used-car business?

        • Anonymous

          And think of the tax return..OMG!!!! They make out well…I am sure.

        • Anonymous

          Yeah, they helped set up their oldest son with a used-car business, but since then have said he’s financially independent, so I didn’t include his business as part of the family income (he’s married and has his own child and home).

          Although in the past Jim Bob did have a towing/used car business as well, I believe. They also used to run a small supermarket, until they left on principal (something to do with selling alcohol). But those jobs were long ago… before they were ever on TV.

  • Anonymous

    kate is a fame whore.she needs to spend time with her kids, get a REAL job, and stop acting like a super bitch. TLC doesn’t want to pay her bills anymore, and so they shouldn’t be!!! its about time that stupid show got cancelled. no one cares that u have so many kids. all she does is yell at them anyways. ohh and kate, NO MORE BOOKS! your 15mins were over 5years ago.. just die already.

    • Devyn

      I know this will be deleted, but I have to state it, you are an idiot. Tell me moron what is a real job? Do you mean working from 9-5, and having to pay an exorbitant amount in child care? I don’t condone pimping your children for a living but that show allowed her to provide a better life for her children. The woman has 8 children and at the end of the day she is a single mother. Jon has proven to be utterly worthless. So sad in you pathetic little world it would be better for the kids to be orphans. Take you own advise.

      • Janna

        While I don’t agree with *how* you said it, I do agree that people need to stop the “real job” nonsense. It is based purely on jealousy, and who could blame you? This woman doesn’t have to schlep to a 9-5, work on little sleep after a night with a sick child, or worry about being outsourced.

        I doubt there are many people who wouldn’t take what was offered to the Gosselins (and yet, it was BOTH OF THEM for the better part of this whole scenario).

        And lastly, people who keep spouting “no one cares” are just plain silly. Obviously, plenty of people “care” or they wouldn’t be talking about it. And face it, she’s got plenty of fans.

      • Anonymous

        “allowed her to provide a better life for her children”

        I wouldn’t be so sure about that. “A better life” isn’t just about money. Those children are probably going to be pretty screwed up as they get older. Some of them already have had problems, getting kicked out of school. It’s pretty much a guarantee that there will be tell-all books in the future. And of course their parents might still be together if not for the cameras and the fame becoming priorities instead of their relationship. I think those kids would have a much better, happier life if their parents had never gone on TV.

        (Of course, what goes unsaid is that the hardship of having eight children was something that Kate and Jon created. It never needed to happen. There are simple ways to prevent having high-order multiples even when using fertility drugs as they did. They brought everything on themselves.)

    • Anonymous

      Well it’s harsh but I agree! Kate has some rabid fans out there who will defend her even when continually shows herself to be a mean, selfish and rude individual. She believed she has become a “star” from her show but reality TV is fleeting and shows don’t last forever. I don’t know what she was expected. She was acting like she loves living the Hollywood high life instead of putting money away for the future it seems. With the money from the show, her book, etc., she should have enough money to last for years if she had saved it. She is obviously talking about how she is going to have trouble maintaining her now-lavish lifestyle. Constantly eating out at expensive places, $1000 hair extensions, botox and plastic surgery, shopping sprees, etc. I don’t feel sorry for her at all. She had a ton of money coming in and obviously was not smart about it. She profited off her children and used them in a way that is no different from a carnival freak show back in the day. She is a terrible mother who consistently screams at and berates her children. Her children all have obvious emotional problems as a result of how she treats them. No children should be forced to live their lives out in front of cameras. It’s very obvious she made the producers angry because they have started showing her in a very unflattering light. The pizza incident with her man servant/body guard was pathetic. Jon is no saint but he is better off without her. She is a nasty, rude, self-important, arrogant loser. I’m glad the show is gone and I hope she fades away into obscurity. I would not take parenting advice from her if she was the last person on earth!

      • Anonymous

        Everything you said about her is true, but to be fair, Jon is an immature, cheating, irresponsible whiner.

  • Anonymous

    i like Kate… she is the person she always been and john knew that when he married her, they were married for years before the show. I also feel that there are a load of families that do reality shows with kids so it not just her who is “pimping out her kid”. With that said, I will do anything to give my kids a better life include this if I had to. They were living in a small 3 bedroom house when the show first started. They have been able to take trips and give their children the life that alot of people in the world only dream about. John let people get in his head and tell him that she is controlling something she has always been but because it was said out loud that when he started to back away and act like a stupid teenage boy… now he is bitter. My grandmom like Kate and my pop pop like John they have been together for 54 years raised 6 kids and help raised 11 grand-kids and they are happy with each other. If John was like Kate and Kate was like John people would not say a word, but when the women is more dominate she a bitch.

  • Gisele

    1:35am = ROTFLMFAO!!!

  • Anonymous

    As much as I am sooo anti-reality show, who is to say what a career is or not? Has she provided for her family? Yes. they have clothes, a beautiful home, and have had trips and experiences that without the show would have never been possible. Say what you want about Kate- love or hate her, but it’s so much more easy to say ‘ohhh I’d never in a million shows have a show and sell out my family”- try saying that when you just had six kids, having two already and are faced with the fear of not being able to provide for them. I’m just saying, everyones circumstances are different, and people are so quick to judge about things they have never dealt with.

  • Anonymous

    As much as I am sooo anti-reality show, who is to say what a career is or not? Has she provided for her family? Yes. they have clothes, a beautiful home, and have had trips and experiences that without the show would have never been possible. Say what you want about Kate- love or hate her, but it’s so much more easy to say ‘ohhh I’d never in a million shows have a show and sell out my family”- try saying that when you just had six kids, having two already and are faced with the fear of not being able to provide for them. I’m just saying, everyones circumstances are different, and people are so quick to judge about things they have never dealt with.

    • Victoria

      I agree Anon4:23. That’s something I always try to remember too, ‘If I haven’t walked in someone shoes, then I can’t judge the steps’ and even more I can’t say what I would or wouldn’t do. Love her or hate her, yes she has provided for her kids. I’ve read some comments on here by people who said that they knew people with lots of kids who still provide for their kids. I’m like really, you know someone who has eight children in all, SIX of whom are all the same age and under the schooling age, who were as young as John & Kate were and had a good enough amount of money saved up to take care of eight kids on demand.
      When Kate had her kids, I doubt nurses were making as much as they are right now, salaries have risen across the board, but I think people get ahead of themselves and forget not all nurses are making the high salaries you see quoted on CNN money and other websites. It really depends on location, experience, eduaction, and which facility you work at.

      So even if she had kept her job as a nurse I doubt she was going to be able to afford all at once to pay for childcare for 6 kids, diapers and formula when the kids were younger, buy food for 10 people, buy clothing and shoes for 10 people, buy things for the home, afford a bigger house, and afford money for college. Everyone is entitled to the lifestyle that they want.

      As for John, I get so sick of people cosigning him. He surely didn’t have a problem with the show when it was paying for all those Ed Hardy TShirts he was rocking every place he went. He was married to Kate for a very long time, so I doubt her personality was anything new. It seems to me that he just went through a very early midlife crisis.

    • Anonymous

      I think the point is that it’s not a career because it’s not sustainable. Most jobs will last your lifetime – there will always be a need for doctors, lawyers, teachers, nurses, construction workers, etc. If you go into one of those jobs, you should, in theory, be able to work in that job the rest of your life. You cannot say the same for reality TV. Obviously – her show got cancelled and now she has no means of support for eight children.

  • Anonymous

    Shut their mouths, go work, do what every NORMAL parent does to provide and stop hiding behind the “Kate plus 8” show to give you money. That’s NOT providing. It’s only providing for YOUR lifestyle Kate. Remember WHO you are and stop trying to act like a celebrity. You’re NOT one and will NEVER be one. You just hate the fact that you won’t be on anymore magazine covers or have your “pretend” lifestyle anymore.

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