Tori Spelling: “I Can’t Wait To Have Sushi Again”

Tori Spelling: "I Can't Wait To Have Sushi Again"

Pregnant mom Tori Spelling says one of the foods she can’t wait to eat after she gives birth is sushi.

She tells US, “I can’t wait to have sushi again. You can’t really have sushi when your pregnant.”

However at the moment she is eating “a lot of avocados”, “a lot of fruit’, and Dean McDermott’s home-cooked meals.

Referring to her husband, who is enrolled in culinary school, she says, “He’s been cooking every night. Homemade pastas! Right now he’s in his pastry course, so he’s making fresh croissants. I reap the benefits of his hard work!”

As for her third pregnancy, it hasn’t been a piece of cake.

People always think the first one was the hardest. But I’m like, ‘No the first one was easy for me because I could lay around all day. I didn’t have two little ones to take care of. This is the hardest one because I’m always going with the kids.”

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    She is in Toronto at the festival..

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    While reading msn news and looking at some celeb photos I came across this photo of Tori Spelling with her husband and adorable children.
    She is off the charts beautiful. She wears motherhood well!

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    This baby seems to be running late.

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