Téa Leoni Shares A Laugh With Her Kids

Téa Leoni Shares A Laugh With Her Kids

Actress Téa Leoni made the most of the school run with her kids Madelaine, 12, and Kyd, 9, on Friday – the trio seemed in the midst of an animated conversation as they waited to cross the street in New York City (September 9).

The Spanglish star and her husband of 14 years David Duchovny reportedly split once again earlier this summer. In 2008 they announced their separation, but managed to reconcile within the year.

Téa, 45, will be back on the big screen this fall in the comedy Tower Heist, co-starring Ben Stiller, Casey Affleck, Eddie Murphy and Matthew Broderick.

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  1. thebackgroundartiste

    Don’t tell me their daughter dresses like that for school!Those shorts are a little north of the knee. What a great example Tea sets in another of her rag bag
    ensembles. As usual,Tea has chopped and bleached her hair again.It doesn’t help. There stands Miller looking like the little lost lamb once again. Where’s daddy?

  2. SMH

    The kids names are Madelaine West and Kyd Miller and I believe for whatever reason they both go by their middle names or are referred to by both. I have never heard them in an interview call her Madelaine. They both really look like their father although West looks like she has Tea’s eyes.

  3. SMH

    oh forgot to add don’t think her shorts are too short and I kinda think she looks like an appropriate 12 yr old which is refreshing.

  4. Nancy

    Very cute kids that look like a combo of their parents although as Miller gets older he really looks like Duchovny. Can’t see a single thing wrong with the way anyone is dressed – all neat and clean. I wonder why Duchovny is almost never seen with the kids these days. Looks like Leoni is trying hard to keep them happy – good for her!

  5. Anonymous

    That’s because they have custody agreements. She had them last weekend. BTW, the look like clones of their mother.

  6. Anonymous

    They have custody agreements; this weekend was probably her time with the kids.

  7. Nancy

    Even so she gets tweeted about when the kids are with her – he always seems to be alone. I think she has the kids much more often than he does; if he even does at all.

  8. Anonymous

    No, I think she loves being in the spotlight. That’s the difference.

  9. Anonymous

    David was photographed with the kids several times a couple of weeks ago. This site posts one set of photos every couple of months and suddenly he’s a deadbeat dad because this set only shows Tea? Good grief, the readers of this blog take the cake.

  10. Anonymous

    There was heaps of pap pics of DD with the kids in the summer none with Tea I think the summer was his time to be with them and now Tea has them for the school year. There is nothing wrong with the way West is dressed Tea and the kids look great.

  11. Anonymous

    there was about 6 sets some with Miller and some with West. I know because my friend sent them to me.

  12. Anonymous

    btw my Math is fine there was a set of the family at the beach july 4th, one with west and dd getting tennis balls, west and dd at the market, Miller and david walking through the Malibu country market, DD and Miller leaving a restraunt! maybe not heaps but 6 sets is quite a lot. There was pap pics of David and Tea along in LA too.

    • Nancy

      All of those pictures date from before Aug 1 – there have been no photos since. That’s more than six weeks ago. Someone said maybe Tea has the kids during the school year – maybe so but I would think since David is in NYC he would see his kids once in awhile even if they are living with their mother. Not one tweet, photo or blog mention but there have been several about Tea and the kids. It makes me wonder. The kids always looks sad when they are with David and laughing with Tea.

  13. Anonymous

    yes i’m talking about the summer there was a bunch of pics not now. There was a tweet a while ago of DD leaving a NY gym.

  14. Anonymous3

    People, the kids live with their father, not their mother! That’s why you see them with her in the street.

  15. Anonymous3

    He is.

  16. Anonymous

    Really. I’ve seen a few twitters of Tea at a coffee shop in Dartmouth and a store, but none with the kids before this entry. West was clearly laughing with David at the Market. Poor Miller had cameras in his face in LA. No wonder he didn’t laugh. I’m sure David is seeing the kids.

  17. Nancy

    If the kids live with David then why no tweets about them being with him? He has been seen at the gym, at dinner, in the Hamptons and on the street sans children. I have seen tweets about Tea and West from after school last week.

  18. Anonymous3

    That’s because it was her weekend with them probably. He doesn’t like to expose the kids, unlike her apparently. I’m not defending the guy, all I know is that they do live with him. I never said it was an ideal situation.

  19. Anonymous

    when has Tea exposed the kids she’s taking them to school.

  20. Anonymous

    Good Lord – there is a lot of rubbish in these comments, I can’t believe what I’m reading! The Paparazzi take a few shots of a few moments in their lives, they are not a 24/7 documentary crew, how the heck anyone can assume from 4 pictures that West and Miller are always happy or always sad with one or the other, who they live with, how often either parent see’s them or what the custory arrangements are. Seriously, just WTF?

    We know nothing about the family or the state of the marriage as they keep themselves very private. It’s one of the reasons I respect them both. Nobody knows anything except for the fact that Tea, West and Miller are standing on a street together laughing about something. The End.

  21. Anonymous3

    Speak for yourself! I do! The End!

  22. étranger

    I also heard that children live with DD.

  23. Anonymous3

    What a stupid reply! I see you are running low on excuses.


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