Scott Baio & Bailey: Daddy-Daughter Date

Scott Baio & Bailey: Daddy-Daughter Date

What a cute pair! Happy Days alum Scott Baio and his adorable daughter Bailey, 4 in November, were spotted on a daddy-daughter dinner date at Johnny Rockets in Calabasas, Calif. on Monday (September 12). Although Scott says it was a lovely evening, his sweet girl has some feedback for the popular restaurant.

We talked about her first day at preschool, why Johnny Rockets doesn’t sell mustard sandwiches (her favorite) and going to the book store to buy one thing,” Scott tells Celebrity Baby Scoop exclusively.

So where was mom?

“I play cards on Monday nights with a group of senior citizens and Scott usually takes Bailey out to dinner,” mama Renee Baio tells Celebrity Baby Scoop.

Renee and Scott created the Bailey Baio Angel Foundation ® (BBAF) to raise awareness and much needed charitable funding for the metabolic disorder known as G-A 1 and other OA’s.

“I just ran my first 1/2 Marathon to raise funds for BBAF – to provide the low protein formula to feed these children that most insurance companies don’t cover – so I’m still recovering from that as I’m not a runner,” Renee adds.

And how is Bailey adjusting to preschool?

Bailey started preschool yesterday three days a week for just a few hours each day,” Renee says. “She wouldn’t let me leave her. It will take a for more days to adjust. We are going to try to let daddy drop her off and I will pick her up.” The proud mama adds: “Bailey is also going to ballet and tap and loves to dance. She has lots of energy, so dancing is a good thing.”

To read more about Scott and Renee’s charitable efforts, click here to read our exclusive interview with Renee.

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  • Anonymous

    What moron names their kid Bailey Baio? Really? Couldn’t come up with anything else? Granted, Bailey is a cute name but when you name a child, the first name and last name cannot be one vowel sound different!

    • Huh?

      Calling someone an idiot because they chose a name you don’t like because of some rule you have made up about vowels is pretty ridiculous. Interesting that you chose not to give us your name and posted anonymously. Sure would be great if people could be a lot nicer in this world.

      • Anonymous2

        You’re complaining they they posted anonymously when your name is “Huh?”. That makes sense.

    • Anonymous

      In the US you can name your child whatever you want. There is no law about what vowel sounds can or cannot be present.

  • melo1983

    In November!?

    • Anonymous

      they meant she’ll turn 4 in november, it’s just confusing the way they worded it.

      • Anonymous

        It’s not confusing to anyone who knows how to properly punctuate a sentence, or how to read a properly-punctuated sentence.

  • SMH

    Bailey will be 4 in November.

    She’s really cute. And Bailey Baio is a tongue twister but it’s not horrible and they’re not idiots for calling their daughter what they wish!

  • Anonymous

    The same morons who name their kid after a bird (Sparrow), Ever, Apple, Rumer, Alabama, Hermes, Pilot and a bunch of other stupid names. They are NOT the only ones.

    • Anonymous

      AGREED! Don’t forget Atlas, Louisianna, Zuma, Kingston, Knox and the worst of all, BEAR!

  • Anonymous

    She looks just like Scott.

  • Anonymous

    someone call maury…

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