Tweets From The Hollywood Nest

Tweets From The Hollywood Nest

@MarioLopezExtra Long, hot, productive day… Best part, is rocking my baby girl to sleep. Makes it all worth it..

@RealHughJackman Hey tweeters – I have something exciting to announce soon…. what could it be??

@KourtneyKardash I miss my home! NY gives me a panic attack sometimes.

@jacivelasquez How do other moms do it when THEY have 2 sick toddlers?

@MillaJovovich Hey every1! End of the day n I’m knackered!I’m building my strength up n doing a lot of stretching 2 get my kicks up 2 shape.Still pathetic.

@jamieoliver cant believe that im heading towards 1,500,000 followers thats mad thanks for all your support where ever you live in the world jamie oxx

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Photo credit: Mario Lopez's Twitter


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  1. Anonymous

    Could be breast milk in the bottle…so yes horray for boobies:)

  2. k

    Anyone else see the irony of a Hooray for Boobies T-shirt whilst holding a bottle???


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