Report: Brenda Song Is Not Pregnant

Report: Brenda Song Is Not Pregnant

What? Miley Cyrus isn’t going to be an aunt?

According to her mother, The Social Network starlet Brenda Song is not expecting a child with her musician boyfriend Trace Cyrus, 22.

“She’s actually not pregnant,” Mai Song reveals to Star magazine, despite all the circulating rumors that The Suite Life of Zack & Cody actress was indeed having a baby.

“It’s very upsetting to our family because of what I’m going through and it’s not how we raised her,” her mother said, disclosing that she has been undergoing cancer treatment.

Her mother claims that the actress – who has been quietly dating Trace since 2010 – is “very upset” over everything.

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  1. Anonymous

    I’m confused
    Did she have an abortion? Or was she just never pregnant?

  2. Anonymous

    well that was the right decision.

  3. klutzy_girl

    So either she was never pregnant or she aborted. Guess we’ll never know for sure.

  4. Anonymous

    According to the orginal post, “Celebuzz” was the source. ‘Nuff said.

  5. Anonymous

    Or maybe she lost it.

  6. Anonymous

    Perhaps people should be sensitive to the chance that she had a miscarriage. Even if she had an abortion, her mother clearly says “she is very upset” so hopefully people leave the girl alone.

  7. Anonymous

    I agree with all of you…but I also think it’s a cover up,watch in the next months she’ll be a few months pregnant…celebrities do that alot.And notice they are never the ones to come to say they are not pregnant,but eitheir their parent(s),reps or friends…

  8. Anonymous

    If she was never even pregnant, why does her mom say “It’s not how we raised her” ?
    That’s an odd thing to say if there were fake pregnancy rumours going around about her daughter, isn’t it? It wouldn’t be Brenda’s fault..
    However, if she would have aborted, the mom’s quote about how she was raised sounds perfectly reasonable..

    • Anonymous

      MTE, perhaps she has abortion or miscarriage that’s why she upset now? But sadly her family seems relieved she’s not having baby.

      Why would her mother said that’s not how we raised her if she never pregger before married on the first place? Most of Asian families still values traditional things much.

      She tweeted about her own pregnancy rumor, that’s when first I read about it, why would she tweeted that pregnancy rumor as happy news if she’s not happy with child before?

    • Victoria

      She was saying that she didn’t raise her daughter to get knocked up before marriage

  9. Anonymous

    Guys just leave her alone, what if people went around everywhere saying that you’re pregnant!? That’s how she’s feeling now…so just STOP with the rumors! Go play goldfish!

  10. Anonymous

    I believe it when Brenda mom says she didn’t raise her daughter to be that way. Sorry, but asian family is strict and they’re taught well to not get knock up before marriage. Besides if she was pregnant that’s none of your business! Leave the sweet girl a lone. She has enough pain that she’s probably going through w/her mom cancer. Idiots!


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