Rachel Zoe: It’s ‘Very Hard’ Leaving Skyler

Rachel Zoe: It's 'Very Hard' Leaving Skyler

Celeb stylist Rachel Zoe has loved introducing her 6-month-old son Skyler to her first love – fashion, keeping him dressed in the best designer labels and even having him tag along with her at work. But as Zoe admits, having her little one with her at the office and for events is more for her comfort than it is Skyler’s.

“It’s very hard leaving him,” Rachel tells Star at Wednesday’s (September 14th) Michael Kors show.

“He came yesterday. I took him backstage at Marchesa after the show and it was very calm,” says Zoe.

But she does have her limits, telling the magazine that we won’t be seeing Skyler in the front row any time soon, noting the loud music: “I’m afraid of getting him freaked out.”

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  1. Anonymous

    love love her handbag. gorgeous. and a fortune.

  2. Anonymous

    someone give this girl a donut

  3. Anonymous

    She looks really thin in that picture

  4. Anonymous

    She looks pretty good for someone in their 50′s. She must have had some kind of fertililty treatment.

  5. Anonymous

    Her line of work celebrates thin bodies. I gaurantee that the people around her constantly tell her that she looks great. It is hard to get through to someone that they are too thin, that they need to eat, that they deserve to eat. Not really fair to pick on her if you wouldn’t pick on a fat celebrity.

  6. Anonymous

    Yuck. Someone pass me the bucket!


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