Angelina Jolie: Family Fun At Legoland Windsor

Angelina Jolie: Family Fun At Legoland Windsor

Academy Award-winning actress Angelina Jolie enjoyed a fun day at Legoland Windsor on Tuesday (September 20) with her six kids: Maddox, 10, Pax, 7, Zahara, 6½, Shiloh, 5, and 3-year-old twins Knox and Vivienne.

Angie looked chic in all-black alongside her youngest son who was wearing a one-piece outfit while holding a toy sword. The happy group enjoyed some rides and picked up a few souvenirs along the way.

Papa Brad Pitt recently opened up about his leading lady. “One of the greatest, smartest things I ever did was give my kids Angie as their mom” Pitt gushed. “She is such a great mom. Oh, man, I’m so happy to have her.”

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Photo credit: Flynet

  • Paige

    Knox is Angelina’s mini-me. The girls are all Brad but Knox is about 25% Brad and 75% Angie. He has her lips, eyes, forehead, and hair color. He seems to have daddy”s mannerisms. He’s too adorable.

  • Elizabeth

    She is not that attractive, too skinny and wears way too much black.

    • Anonymous

      Agree. She is always wearing all black or all white. Black the majority of the time. When you DO see her in color she looks fabulous.

  • Anonymous

    Aaah I love Legoland. Went there many times as a child.

  • Delilah

    Angelina needs to stop making googly eyes at the handsome young bodyguard and pay attention to Knox. He looks like he’s about to fall off his horse in the merry-go-round pic.

  • hopeso

    Love the Jolie-Pitt, one of their biggest fan

  • Anonymous

    Angelina is so beeutiful . she lloks perfect here. Knox looks just like Angie.I think Shiloh looks a lot like her mother , too.

  • Anonymous

    Knox is fine Angelina hand is holding on to his arm he not going anywhere and he not going to falling he leaning over to look at something on the floor just like Z.

    I agree Shiloh and Knox are all Angelina while Vivienne is all Brad but with mom’s lips.

    Are we sure that all 6 kids are there, I’ve only seen pictures of Knox, Shi and Z on this and other sits anybody find anything different.

  • Elena

    No Maddox, Pax and Vivienne here, at least not on the pictures. What a lovey brood! They always cheer me up.

  • Anonymous

    Beautiful pics of a beautiful family. I, too, keep wondering where on earth are Maddox, Pax and Vivienne IF they were at Legoland Windsor? Were they with one or two of the family´s bodyguards? Knox looks so cute in those overalls he was wearing. I just have to wonder about one thing. Either my eyes are playing tricks with me or has Zee gotten her ears pearced because in that pic where she in in merry-go.round it looks like she has these little earrings. And as far as Knox is concerned he´s just looking at something on the floor and his mum is keeping on to his arm.

    • Anonymous

      Yes Zahara is wearing earrings

  • Anonymous

    Yep Vivi,Knox and shiloh all papa brad pitt

  • Anonymous

    Knox is Angelina’s mini me. Elizabeth and Delilah-you are so jealous.

  • Anonymous

    Knox looks like Angelina the most. He is so beautiful. He has her eyes and lips but has daddy’s eye color and head shape. Shiloh is all brad but has angelina’s lips and eye shape. Viv is completely brad and jon voight with angelina forehead and lips. Zee Zee has her ears pierced too cute.

  • Anonymous

    Love they family.

  • Anonymous

    Shiloh is Angelina’s twin google pictuers of Angelina as a young child and it’s like looking at shiloh.×198.jpg

  • Anonymous

    I adore this family!! i love how brad and angie are not just movie stars but also humanitarians! i bet there kids will be a lot like them in that way! Little Knox is quite adorable!! The three biological children have Angelina’s lips all the way!! hehe 😛

  • Anonymous

    Angelina was at Legoland again but this time on Thursday 30th Sept. I was with a group of mums with our kids and we saw her and her family. I was amazed to see her, I couldn’t believe it, you don’t expect to see someone that famous walking around Legoland!! I also would have expected her to have a massive entourage but she didn’t. We seen at least four of the children, not sure if all six were there. She was on the same ride as us and we saw her for about a good 15 mins. Very few people recognised her and they blended into the crowd, nobody asked for autographs or took photos. She is very thin, pale and smaller in height than I thought and she was wearing all black on this day too. A photographer then turned up and tried to get some photos and her guards chased the woman, not sure if they caught her and got the photos.

  • Angiefan

    U guys have got it all wrong. its hard to tell cause angie has obviously had plastic surgery. Conclusion: shiloh has brads eyes ( she doesnt have the double eyelid like jolie) BUT she has jolies old nose and lips ( if you compare baby angie to shiloh the nose and lips are EXACTLY the same u jst cant tell cause angie had a nose job to make it pointier and im a fan of hers so im not baised). Knox has angie’ s double eyelid, nose and lips thats why he looks the most like shiloh if u coverrd their eyes. He is angies minime. Vivieene has brads nose so obvious because of the wide nostril shape she also has brads eyes ( i think since her eyes look different to knox’s) but she has angies lips. Angies kids all have her lips. Shiloh obviously has inherited angies personality.

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