Gavin Rossdale’s Kids Are Following Their Musical Footsteps

Gavin Rossdale's Kids Are Following Their Musical Footsteps

Gavin Rossdale and Gwen Stefani’s boys are already showing signs of their musical talents. The Bush front man says Kingston, 5, likes to play the drums while Zuma, 3, is into the drums.

He told People, “Kingston still likes the drums, but he’s into everything now. He’s always busy doing things. We’re just trying to give them lots of opportunities. Zuma is really into the guitar. If I’m playing he’ll come and jam with me – he’ll sit with me, it’s really fun. He moves his hands up and down. His positioning and charisma are amazing. He’s so relaxed, looks great and he’s three!”

The kids have had an influence on his music too! Rossdale recorded the album at his own Kingston Sound Studios and the band released The Sea Of Memories on an imprint he named Zuma Rock Records.

He explained, “I wasn’t really sure about it, and I asked around my house, ‘Is that weird?’ And it was like, ‘No, that’s cool, do it.’ I couldn’t do anything involving them without making a joint decision. I’ve learned some things and that’s one of them!”

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  1. Anonymous

    Here we go again….

  2. susan

    This is obviously a not so recent picture — their older boy no longer has a bleached mohawk and is dressed like a normal kid these days.

  3. Anonymous

    maisie@ Actually some private schools have hair codes were the child can’t have colored hair or certain hair styles and no they’re not going to make exception for Gwen and Gavin because their probable a waiting list and if Gwen and Gavin don’t want to fallow there rules they have a list of other parents that will so in the end who losing out. They may feel that this is the best school for their child so they will but up with the rules for his education.

    • maisie

      what you’re saying makes sense – for regular (but rich) parents – but not for the Stefanis. Schools like to have positive publicity and having celebrity spawn among the student population is right up there. There is competition among the schools too and I’m quite sure that they would be lining up to get the likes of Gwen’s son enrolled – blue hair, bleached hair, whatever. As long as he wore the school uniform, hair wouldn’t be a big deal.

  4. anon

    Or maybe this is one of the “sacrifices” Gavin was talking about earlier.

  5. TC

    maisie @ Not true I wasn’t talking about non rich parents, the School Kingston is going to is for the rich so they have other rich parents who will follow the rules, so Kingston no going there would not have hart them.


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