David Beckham: “Harper Is So Ladylike”

David Beckham: "Harper Is So Ladylike"

With boys Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz at home, David Beckham is a seasoned pro when it comes to fatherhood. But the famous footballer says that having a daughter has been a “totally different thing.”

“Everything she does, from the moment she wakes up to the moment she sleeps — it’s a totally different thing. Obviously, I’m used to having boys,” David tells Access Hollywood of his 2-month-old daughter Harper Seven. “We’ve got three amazing boys, but there’s a lot of energy with them. With Harper, she’s so calm, she’s so ladylike, she’s so feminine. Everything she does is a milestone… the way she holds herself, the way she breathes, the way she smiles, the way she makes noises. It’s just – it’s amazing.”

Though he’s busy in Los Angeles today promoting his latest fragrance, David Beckham Homme, the doting dad admits that there is once scent that smells even sweeter.

“Nothing compares to the smell of a newborn baby, nothing. There’s nothing out there that even comes close.”

David also gave an update on how his wife Victoria Beckham is doing these days, saying, “She’s in great form right now. A few weeks after the baby, she had a slipped disk in her back, which was obviously very uncomfortable for her, because then feeding Harper was very difficult, and picking Harper up. So, everything she did was obviously painful. But she’s great now… she’s very happy at the moment.”

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  • Anonymous

    I appreciate the joy they’re feeling for their new daughter, but I find the way they describe her annoying. “Well-behaved”, “ladylike”, “feminine”. Way to box her into her stereotypical gender role right away. She’s different than the others because she’s a different PERSON, not because she’s a girl.

    • Anonymous

      I agree completely. It’s kind of awful how they are already stereotyping her into being a “girly girl”. They are insisting that she take a particular gender role and calling her things like “ladylike”, how she’s already “in love with Prada”, etc., just seems like they are trying very hard to ‘create’ their perfect little girl.

      • Victoria

        They’re not trying to create anything. All parents do just what they’re doing. All parents want to pass on the things they love to their kids. All parents want to think that they’re kids have an interest in what they love. And just because every parent doesn’t want to fall under the category of raising their kid to be gender neutral doesn’t mean that something’s wrong with them.

        • Janna

          I don’t think anyone should have to be “gender neutral”. I just agree that you shouldn’t force traits onto someone BECAUSE of their gender and insist that they stick. You need to accept that some girls aren’t going to die for Prada.

          Already spouting about this baby’s “feminine” traits is just plain weird, although I do understand because people are probably constantly asking them if it’s different to have a girl after so many boys. But here’s the truth: It isn’t different when they’re 3 months old!

          This baby is not feminine. She’s not elegant. She’s not ladylike. She doesn’t love the Prada store. She’s a baby who spits, poops, and cries like every other baby and her genitalia has nothing to do with it. All the rest is her parents.

  • Get With It

    David says the sweetest things about his family! He’s definitely proud of his family! David never runs out of comments. LOL

  • Anonymous

    This is just to over the top. It’s a bit sickenening in a way. I mean describing her as elegant and ladylike, she probably more manly than most baby girls with 3 older brothers sheesh

    • Huh?

      How in the world could you decide she is probably more manly than most baby girls with three older brothers. It seems like some people look for things to complain about. He is obviously thrilled to have a little girl. And whether you like it or not, there are gender differences. It doesn’t mean one gender is better than another. You are just as bad making the assumption that because they think she is feminine that she won’t be as good as a boy. I have a daughter who loved to dress up when she was little – wore velvet at the drop of a hat, wouldn’t wear jeans or tennis shoes until she was in third grade. Had a hairbow for every occasion. She could also outrun any little boy her age and was a great soccer player. I suggest we let the Beckhams enjoy their family.

  • anonymous

    I understand he’s over the moon for having a girl after 3 boys, but geez gimme a break. She’s just a baby. And when Victoria said that the baby feels like home in a Prada store, i mean, seriously, i wouldn’t be surprised if Harper needs therapy by the time she’s 5.

  • Anonymous

    Plesae God, I don’t ask for much, often, but it would make me smile if H7 grows up to hate fashion and captain the UK english women’s soccer game team and wins the world cup as her wife cheers her on.

  • Reggie

    How can a 2 month old be ladylike and elegant???

  • Tiff

    How ladylike and elegant can one be when they are pooping in a diaper? Just sayin’

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