LeAnn Rimes Says Affair “Could’ve Been Handled Better”

LeAnn Rimes Says Affair "Could've Been Handled Better"

LeAnn Rimes shared her thoughts on her relationship with husband Eddie Cibrian on Thursday’s Ellen Degeneres show. The country singer admitted their affair, which started when the two were on the set of Northern Lights, “could have been handled better.”

Rimes, who is stepmom to Jake, 4, and Mason, 8, said: “Obviously, Eddie and I made decisions that were not necessarily the right ones, but it obviously brought us to a place where we are now. And we’re happy, and we’re married and we always put his kids first and take his kids into consideration with everything that we do. So sometimes you want to scream. But you don’t. We’ve learned to let it go, and laugh at it at the end of the day.”

As for the tabloid rumors, she said some of the reports were true.

“It happens,” Rimes said of the way she and Cibrian got together. “I will always say, it could’ve been handled a lot better, but maybe we both didn’t have the tools at the time to do it properly. But I’ve learned a lot, and I’m so proud.

“Obviously we all make choices that lead us into a different path here and there. You learn from those, or either you don’t. … I think we’ve both come to a really good place in our lives. Right now I’m really at peace, which is nice.”

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  • Get With It

    Photos of a baby, or kids please! Save the speeches from adults for another site! Thank You.

  • Anonymous

    I’m glad she is “proud” and “at peace with” breaking up a family. How can she look at those two boys?

  • Anonymous

    she is disgusting. she can try to fix this in the media all she wants, but everyone will always think she is the trash that she is.

    • melo1983


  • Anonymous 2

    People get together in all sorts of different ways. Some certainly better than others. I commend her for at least acknowledging some fault on her/their part. At the end of the day both of their previous marriages are over and they are now together. All they can do is try to move past it as best as possible. And we as the viewers need to respect that much.

    • Anonymous 3

      well said.

    • Anonymous

      No we don’t. If these two are wrong, then they are wrong. And they are going to get called out for it.

      BTW, Leann said the very same thing when she released her two singles last year. So she isn’t acknowledging anything, she is just trying to get people to buy her album. That is perhaps why people have such a problem with EC and LR, they act like people are stupid and can’t see through their pr stunts.

      If these two were happy and content and had moved on, then she wouldn’t be on twitter or blogs posting about EC kids, especially after EC stated that he didn’t want those kids to experience ANY TYPE of public exposure.

      So all she did with this interview was make the backlash grow.

  • Anon

    Beyond even the affair is a just totally unlikable personality…She just really needs to step back and take a good hard look at herself. Her actions, her ridiculous comments regarding her step-children…she’s just…scum! I think she needs to take a break from herself and just SHUT UP! I never particularly disliked her until she opened her ignorant mouth. I never sought after her as an artist..she’s just THERE. Nothing in the least bit is special about her . I think she just needs to go away for a LONG vacation until maybe her fans might wonder about her. I never will! Her current husband is much better looking tan she is, so maybe that makes her insecure. Whatever the reason, she’s just YUCK!

  • Anonymous

    Can she please shut up already.

    • Victoria

      Gotta agree with you Anonymous, like I said on the last post, it would be different if she didn’t keep bringing it up, but the thing is that she keeps bringing it up. When she does that she gives people the right to comment and speak their minds. Besides this is the only time she’s even acknowledged that they shouldn’t have cheated. Any other time she glides over the fact.

    • Anonymous


      Well we know what this means. That Leann is planning on releasing a staged photo-op to with EC sons to this site. And sure enough. That is exactly what she did. Many other sites just show LR out and about, but this site is the only one that actually posted the photos of LR with the kids.

      That speaks voumes.

  • Anonymous

    Can she please just move the heck on and quit talking about their affair over and over and over again?

  • Shiloh

    i’m sorry but whenever people get so violently upset about this it just screams PROJECTING to me. Leann didn’t ‘break up’ a family- Eddie CHOSE to leave his wife for her. it’s not like she hypnotized him. he’s a grown man capable of making his own choices. sometimes things like this happen and it’s unfortunate that people get hurt in the process. would you rather Eddie have stayed in the relationship with his ex even though he no longer loved her? how is that fair to anyone involved? just let it go. they’re happy and they’ve moved on and they’re trying to do the best they can for the kids.

    • Judith

      I totally agree with you. Maybe it’s because I am European but lord! Are people judgemental and cruel in America…Things like that happen everyday. I hate it when I see people ganging up on someone. Nobody knows what kind of relationships those 2 had with their partner at the time. Maybe this Brandie chicki is crazy, maybe she’s not. Still, Eddie left her. He still has a relationship with his kids and obviously he loves them. At the end of the day, everyone moved on. I believe it was Ellen who asked Leann about this affair one more time…so I guess she answered. She said they could have handled it better. What more do you want?? Should she kill herself? They got married, are happy AND may I just had that she got married extremely young so honestly I am not surprised it didn’t last but that’s just my opinion.
      Anyway, let them be.

      • Anonymous


        Wow, you have used how many different names in this thread? Perhaps if LR had kept her mouth shut, then you wouldn’t be reduced to coming here and making posts to justify LR and EC bad behavior or trying to take the heat off of them by blaming BG(ie-EC had a right to cheat because BG was crazy) and DS(ie-LR had a right to cheat because she married young).
        This is precisely why the dislike of EC and LR continues to grow.

        People are not being judgemental or cruel because they comment on a interview that LR and EC did. LR and EC are wrong. It’s sad that the media would try to tell us that LR is sorry about what she did, when she used this very same line when she released her previous two singles last years. If she is sorry, then how come it’s not reflected in her actions? Why is she still SWF EC ex-wife?

        First off all, just because affairs happen everyday it doesn’t make it right. EC and LR situtation is VERY different, considering that these two use any and every opportunity to shove their relationship down people’s throats each and everyday. Remember LR People mag, Shape(which she got slammed for saying the very same thing she said here), GAC, ABC, and Cabo interviews?

        Eddie didn’t leave his wife, remember he referred to LR as a speedbump in his marriage. Now why would a man who left his wife, call his mistress a speedbump? Besides, wasn’t EC always spotted kissing and hugging his ex-wife? We are seeing the very same behaviors in EC and LR relationship, so then we can conclude that EC and LR marriage is in trouble.

        Leann didn’t move on, it’s why she is on Ellen STILL talking about it and sits on twitter trying to convince everyone that she is happy. If LR had moved on, she wouldn’t have sent you here to do damage control. Leann isn’t happy. Look how many posts you have made, under several different names of course just to justify this interview.

        It doesn’t matter what Ellen asked, you do know that the questions are preapproved don’t you. Leann could have said no comment, but by commenting and then saying the very same thing we saw her say when she was promoting her single releases last year, she once again made things bad for herself. It’s wrong to even try to promote this as if Leann was feeling remorse, when we have seen this all before. What people want is for LR to lay low, shut up, and stop exploiting those kids. She was wrong in the things she wrote in that blog about those kids and this interview.

        What this comes down to is that Leann Rimes is upset because the public didn’t receive this interview the way she had hoped, it’s just like what happened with her Shape mag interview where the EIC had to apologize for putting her on their cover.

        Perhaps LR should be more selective in what she says in these interview or stop trying to make everyone believe that EC isn’t cheating on her, then you won’t have to come here and pose as all these supporters.

    • Anonymous

      Wow, Leann and her pr people are working this site today.

      The person who is violently upset is Leann Rimes. I guess her interview didn’t get the sympathy or love she was hoping for.

      Leann didn’t break up a family? Really? Because how come there are photos of her sucking on Eddie’s fingers while he was still married? Eddie didn’t leave his wife, in fact he referred to Leann Rimes as a speedbump in his marriage.

      Eddie is capable of making his own choices? The man who sold his own kids out for some Don Julio? If Eddie was capable of making his own choices, then Leann wouldn’t have sent you here to do damage control.

      Things don’t just happen. An affair is a conscious decision. EC cheated on Leann in Oct of 2009, right, yet how come LR didn’t adopt that same notion, that things happen and people get hurt?

      Eddie didn’t love his ex-wife? How do you know this? He was seen smiling, holding her hand, flashing his wedding ring, and making out with his ex-wife. Sorta like how we are seeing him do now. So are you saying that Eddie isn’t in love with Leann because we are seeing the very same behaviors that he did with his ex-wife.

      People will let it go when LR does, Leann opened this door and now she is upset because she isn’t getting the reaction she had hoped?

      Leann isn’t happy, it’s why she sent you here to do damage control. If LR and EC were trying their best for those kids, the interviews and staged photo-ops wouldn’t exist.

      LR could have avoided all this backlash by simply keeping her mouth shut, but she isn’t a nice person, so she has to resort to sending her pr people to a site where everyone saw her tweeting to someone about how she wanted babies with EC.

  • nosoupforyou

    How did she put “the kids first” when she had an affair with their married father?

  • Anonymous

    Leann always says that she and Eddie could have handled things better, she said the very same thing when she released her Crazy Women and Swingin single last year. So it sounds like once this is just a case of her saying what she thinks people want to hear so that they can buy her album. She isn’t sincere, how can you tell? She is STILL talking about those boys. Now why would she continually do that when her own hubby stated that he didn’t want his kids to experience ANY type of public exposure, and isn’t that precisely what Leann is doing when she talks about them in her interivew?

  • Anonymous

    If Leann and EC put the kids first, take the kids into consideration with everything that they do, learned from their mistakes, or are at a cool place in their lives then can someone please explain why she is STILL talking about those kids considering

    a) Eddie Cibrian threatened to sue his ex-wife if his kids made cameos on her show

    So it’s okay for EC and LR to exploit those kids, is that the impression we are getting everytime EC and LR give an interview or post a blog about those kids?

    b) Eddie Cibrian stated: “A six year old and a two in a half year old do not need this kind of negative media attention or any type of public exposure.”

    So how does the media reconcile this huge discrepency? You have Eddie Cibrian stating that his kids should not experience ANY TYPE of public exposure, but isn’t that exactly what is going on here with Leann’s blogs and tweets and interviews, which as we can see are being posted on several blogs and media outlets? So how does one explain this. EC said ANY TYPE of public exposure and since this interview is plastered all over the place, then those kids have been publicly exposed right?

    c) Eddie Cibrian- “Respondents actions are not child focused at all and exploit our dissolution to create more media attention for herself.”

    Once again we must question why this blog entry came a day before Leann’s album release and the interview a day or so after her album release? So according to EC own words, which contradicts LR blog entry, this blog entry was all done so that Leann Rimes could get more media attention for herself.

    d) Eddie Cibrian stated: “In fact our children should be protected from exposure to public “gossip” in the tabloid magazines and paparazzi

    So how exactly is EC protecting his kids when he allows his wife to post things about his kids and give interviews about them which as we can see ends up as gossip in tabloids and pap sites?

    This is why no one likes LR, and it’s why she will continue to get backlash. She gives an interview an rather than talk about the album, she talks about EC, his kids, and their affair?

    • Anonymous

      You seriously need medication.

      • Kaia

        That’s exactly what I was thinking…

        • Anonymous


          What? That Leann Rimes gets upset whenever someone asks why she is even talking about those kids considering that EC stated that he didn’t want his kids to experience ANY TYPE of public exposure?

          We know that Leann has ties to this site, she was seen tweeting to someone from this site about how she wanted babies with Eddie and then the person who Leann tweets with made a post here. So it’s safe to say that all of these so called posters popping up are none other than Leann and her pr people. How strange that these people all seem to show up within min of one another. Why is that?

      • Anonymous1

        I’m convinced that this poster is either a) Brandi Glanville or b) in need of serious psychiatric help, as you said.

        • Anonymous


          Of course you are convinced that anyone who would dare challenge LR and EC pr stunts is BG, isn’t that what Leann told you to say during her Skype sessions? So is that Leann’s damage control? First she blames the media and now she is blaming BG?

          A person in need of serious psychiatic help: A 29 yo woman who tweets and blogs about two innocent kids AFTER her own hubby declared that he didn’t want his kids to be experiences ANY TYPE of public exposure.

          So the question, is Leann going to release staged photos of herself with EC kids to this site because her pr people are out in full force.

      • Anonymous


        I see that Leann has her pr people on damage control duty.

        So does that mean Leann is going to release a staged photo-op to CBS?

        Someone who seriously needs medication: a 29 yo grown woman who exploits two kids just to get people to buy her album.

  • Ondine

    How are we to ever forget she’s a no good adulterer who broke up a family when she keeps reminding us in such a public way? She needs to STFU and sing and disappear and enjoy her stolen goods. She has a chance if she puts out a decent record, but other than that, she’s finished. She did it to herself.

  • SMH

    Never liked her before and still don’t. Kinda like a Tori and Dean situation. It happens but when kids are involved that’s when it’s harder to grasp.

  • Anonymous

    Her shoes are hideous.

    • Anon

      Her shoes are hideous/////

      Matches the person wearing them!

  • Anonymous

    Sounds like that anonymous poster is either Brandi Glanville or someone close to her. If not, wow, celebrity stalker much? Either way, I’ve never been a fan of Leann Rimes. And I never will be. I have never liked her music nor have I ever liked the public persona she is. We all don’t know her as person so I guess we can’t judge her private persona. Anyway, I will never support or condone an individual who thoughtlessly breaks up a marriage, especially in which there are children. To be “proud” of this is, to me, truly revolting, thoughtless, and lacks dignity. If they wanted to end up together, fine. Sometimes chemistry is undeniable and if he had been happy, he clearly would not have left his wife. Something was no doubt lacking that marriage. Couples who are truly happy, in love, and in tune with each other do not stray. What they both should have done is waiting until that marriage was over ie. legal separation or divorce. It is highly offensive to me, and probably also to Brandi Glanville, that Leann Rimes has openly called herself the kids mother. She is not. She never will be. She is a homewrecker through and through. I’m not a fan of ANY of these people. What they did to eachother via the media is pathetic. I hope the kids can get some therapy. But I have to say, I can’t blame Brandi for being totally enraged at what happened.

    • Anonymous


      What it sounds like is Leann Rimes is being slammed for what she said in this interview and for some odd reason she thinks that she can take the heat off of herself by blaming BG. You did this in the other thread, and how did that work out for LR?

      Speaking of celebrity stalker, how many posts have you made in this thread alone? Yes STACE2U, we all know it’s you writing all these posts; afterall, you do have personal Skype sessions with Leann Rimes.

      Stace2U, you do know Leann, she Skypes with you on a DAILY basis, doesn’t she? We know who Leann is as a person because she puts this all out there. We know that she isn’t sincere because she said the very same thing she said in this intervew last year when she was released her previous singles. We know that she doesn’t care about EC kids because she keeps thrusting them into the spotlight just so that she can keep her name and face in the press. If she hadn’t mentioned the thing about the kids, would this site had even posted about her?

      You are not a fan of LR, yet in your opening sentence you start off by blaming BG. So we know exactly where your loyalities are.

      Stace2U, why are you such a flip flopper? In one sentence you don’t like what LR and EC did, but in the other you got of your way to blame BG because LR and EC made poor choices.

      So how many different people are you going to be in this thread?

  • SANY

    I don’t think LeAnn Rimes is pretty at all. I could never understand why he liked her in the first place, but I do think her money was a huge attraction for him. Her bank book is much bigger!!

  • Anonymous

    The burning question: Why are Leann and her pr people out in full force?

    Is it because LR is planning on releasing a staged photo-op with EC kids to this site?

    I guess we will just have to sit back and wait.

  • Lisa

    Could have been handled better? That’s her phrasing? How about “never should have happened.”

    I don’t honestly believe she’s sorry about hurting anyone.

  • Anonymous

    I was right, Miss Rimes did indeed set up a staged photo-op with EC and his kids, this time she made sure to invite the paps to get photos of EC and his kids at her concert. And because no one trusts a man who sells out his own kids she made sure that they got shots of her and EC making out backstage as if this will convince people that EC loves her.

    So this is why Shiloh and Judith were out in full force and blaming BG because like I said Leann Rimes was preparing to release a staged photo-op of EC and his kids to convince everyone that they are a happy family so that she can sell those albums.

    Now will this site call her out for this or continue to glorify her bad behavior.

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