Katie Holmes: Suri Casts A Spell On The Paparazzi

Katie Holmes: Suri Casts A Spell On The Paparazzi

Mom-of-one Katie Holmes and her 5-year-old daughter Suri stepped out to Starbucks in Pittsburgh, Penn. on Tuesday (October 4). Dressed up as a ladybug wearing pants and boots with black spots accompanied by red wings, the adorable girl stole the show as she waved her magic wand and cast a spell on the paparazzi!

Showing tons of personality, Suri seems fully recovered from yesterday’s unfortunate incident — the sweet daughter of Katie and Tom Cruise accidentally dropped her ice cream cone on the ground!

The mini fashionista isn’t only into childlike costumes. Last month, she was spotted during NYC’s Fashion Week wearing bright red lipstick and a pink bowler hat. And of course she’s no stranger to heels!

The Holmes-Cruises are in town while Tom films his latest flick, One Shot.

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Photo credit: Fame/Pacific Coast News

  • Nina D.

    So cute! <3

  • noneedtoknow

    Probably one of the rarest occasions …Suri does not have a dress on..Still very cute though !!

  • Anonymous

    I’ve never commented before but HAD to this time. WHAT in the WORLD is Katie wearing? WOW WOW WOW.

    • Anonymous

      You waited all this time, and THAT’S ALL you had to say?

    • Anonymous

      I know! Those jeans, the shirt, the boots… What?!

      • mia

        I am so over her wearing skin tight jeans. She doesn’t have the most flattering legs, not to be mean, it’s just an observation. She has killer arms. She needs to accentuate that.

  • CEM

    Suri used to be the cutest little thing. Now she just looks unkempt.

  • Anonymous

    Suri has to be fun kid…maybe bratty….but fun! I saw a video where she told the paparazzi to “take a picture of my doll instead”. All that has to get old, she seems to handle it well.

    • mia

      I saw that video too. OMG, That kid has the HIGHEST pitched voice I have ever heard! She sounds like Alvin and the Chipmuncks! “Take a picture of my baby instead!” Classic. Fight back Suri! You have your ENTIRE life left to deal with those jerks!

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