Jennifer Garner Talks A Walk (And A Talk) In The Rain

Jennifer Garner Talks A Walk (And A Talk) In The Rain

Baby, it’s cold outside!

Pregnant Jennifer Garner didn’t seem to mind the chilly and rainy weather as she took a walk and chatted on the phone in Los Angeles, Calif. on Wednesday (October 5).

The Valentine’s Day actress looks relaxed and rested. Maybe it’s because husband Ben Affleck has been stepping up his dad duties lately – the actor has been seen out and about quite a lot with daughters Violet, 5, and Seraphina, 2

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Photo credit: Pacific Coast News

  • Where are you kids Jen!

    Where is Violet and Sera? Ben was the last one to be seen with them? She was seen 4 times without them? Does Vi goes to school? So what next Jen ? Ben
    Is doing a great job with them!

    • Emily

      they were probably at SCHOOL? haha

    • Anonymouse

      I don’t know, they’re probably wandering the streets of LA all alone. That seems most likely.

    • AJ

      Ah yes, because she probably spent alllllll day wandering around in the rain, this couldn’t possibly be a picture of her spending a couple hours or whatever outside of home.

      (This is assuming you’re not being sarcastic of course – I’d be happy for you to tell me you are. 😉 )

    • AV

      How ignorant can you be? Do we see them at their dinnertable? Do you see them do their shopping every week? Do you see every step they take? NO! Paparazzi are not 24/7 there, and if they do have pictures of them, they only sort out the most interesting pics they have. BECAUSE THEY MAKE MONEY OUT OF THOSE!

      I’m sorry for my English, I am dutch so…. Sorry!

  • Brennan

    What is missing is having lunch with her black friend and a white friend. There is a pix of her inside the restuarant. And these were taken after the lunch!
    Where are her children? She is always with them ! Y have a third?

    • Kate

      Have you ever heard of SCHOOL or no? Maybe it’s something you never look it up! That’s where kids are during the day. Jeez!

  • Brennan

    She was at lunch with her friends and there was a pix of her sitting at the restaurant and this is after lunch after saying good bye to her black friend.
    Exactly when is she going back to taking care of her kids. Whomis taking care
    Of them Bwn is back on the set?

  • Amy

    You people do know Jen has nannies right?

    When the kids are not with her or at school there with the nanny, there has been more than one picture of 2 different nannies with Jen on occasion or the nanny taking the girls out alone. I may not like Jen but I give her and other celebrities cited who do not bring the nanny along with them everywhere, nothing wrong with having help but when you get so dependent on them that you can’t do anything with your kids without them is just sad.

    • Anonymous

      ITA. I never see the nanny out with Jen and the girls. They are either together as a family without the nanny or she leaves the girls at home with the nanny so she can run her errands or what have you.

      • Kate


  • Anonymous

    you people are crazy or what???…is she not allowed time alone…pleaseeeeee!!!

  • Sarah34

    There was a nanny with Jen when she went to the farmersmarket one time the nanny was carrying the heavy bags for Jen while she had the girls last month, anther time the nanny took the girls to a pottery shop there only a hand full of pictures out there with the nanny.

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