The Jackson Kids Honor Their Late Father

The Jackson Kids Honor Their Late Father

The Jackson children – Prince, 14, Paris, 13, and Blanket, 9 – paid tribute to their late father, Michael Jackson, at the Michael Forever concert held in Cardiff, Wales on Saturday (October 8).

The star’s famous offspring, dressed in replicas of Jackson’s most iconic outfits, were joined by some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry to celebrate the life and music of the King of Pop.

“We’re very happy to be here on this special night to honor our father,” Paris Jackson said to a crowd of screaming fans.

In addition to Michael Jackson’s children and other members of the Jackson family, stars like Christina Aguilera, Smokey Robinson, Jennifer Hudson, Gladys Knight, and Ne-Yo performed at the event which was hosted by Jamie Foxx and Feame Cotton.

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  • Anonymous

    wow. that oldest kid really looks a lot like mj’s dermatologist. i thought that was just a rumor, but man…looks like it wasn’t. do you think that they’ve noticed that they’re not black at this point?

    • Anonymous

      Noticed? Sure, but so what. From every single thing reported about him, Michael Jackson was a devoted, loving father who loved those kids.

      Biology isn’t everything.

      • Ashley

        The kids identify as biracial. They have said so on their Twitter accounts. They know who they are.

  • Ashley

    Aw, those kids are growing up so quickly! @ Anonymous, will you please quit with that? Michael loved his children and they loved him. And yes, they kids are biracial.They’re the same shade as La Toya, and she’s got 2 black parents.

  • Ashley

    Prince also has vitiligo. Michael had vitiligo. only .5 to 1 percent of the world’s population has vitiligo.

    • Anonymous

      I know 2 people with vitiligo, it doesn’t make a black person white…

      Granted he was the father that raised the, but biological, let’s get real.

      • Ashley

        No, it doesn’t make you completely white. Though in severe cases, the white splotches are more dominant that the black spots. In Michael’s case, which has already been confirmed, he used the creams given to patients with vitiligo to even out the skin tone to give him a more even appearance. His arms, legs and torso still had dark splotches. If he wanted to be all white, he could have done that. But he treated the affected areas that were visible to the eye because he didn’t want to look like a spotted cow. I can’t blame him. He already had enough self esteem issues stemming from childhood, so there’s no wonder he was terrified of looking like that in front of people.

  • Mia

    Blanket looks like Celine Dion’s son before a haircut. Paris is beautiful.

  • Anonymous

    The oldest looks a lot like the Arnie Klein as he gets older. In some pictures posted elsewhere, he has a slight lazy eye too. I wonder if Dr Klein also has vitiligo as part of his family history.

    • Ashley

      Dr. Klein is not the father. He only said what he said to get attention. You notice he didn’t confirm or deny, and since, he’s told some pretty outlandish tales. The man says whatever to make a buck.

      And if you look at Prince and look at Klein, Klein does not have dark brown eyes. He does not have a large nose like that. He does not have plump lips. Debbie Rowe doesn’t either. How did a blonde, blue eyed, thin-nose, thin-lipped woman and a man with light brown eyes, thin lips and a thin nose and light brown hair create a son with dark brown, almost black eyes, a larger, more rounded nose and thick lips? Hmm..

      And people with autoimmune conditions are not supposed to donate sperm. What are the odds that Michael would just happen to get a child that comes out with vitiligo from using a sperm donor and it just happens to be his doctor? Come on, now. Only .5 to 1% of the world’s population has vitiligo. Logic states that Michael is probably the father.

  • Anonymous

    Michael was the father regardless of biology.

    Prince does, however, look A LOT like Arnold Klein as he gets older. Arnold Klein didn’t donate sperm to a bank, he donated to MJ directly so it wouldn’t matter if he has a family history or not of vitiligo if MJ wanted him as a donor for whatever reasons. MJ could do what he wanted in that case and we know he has on other occasions (i.e. getting and receiving medication he probably shouldn’t have been receiving). Celebrities have far more power than regular people in certain instances. Prince was blond as a child and his hair is brown now, like Klein’s. Klein doesn’t have a thin nose nor light hair and eyes, I’m not sure where you are getting that-they’re brown and he has a bigger nose that looks a little “done,” he also has large ears. Isn’t it a huge coincidence that a child would later look like a man who had previously made claims about being the biological father of said child? I don’t know about MJ’s other kids, but the oldest looks like Klein.

    There were also claims that Debbie’s eggs weren’t used for Prince back when Arnold made claims about being Prince’s father. I don’t know whether that is true or not, but that could provide more possibilities as to why Prince looks the way he does beyond the Klein similarities.

    Your comments won’t change whether MJ is the bio father or not, neither will mine. It’s merely a difference of opinion.

    • Ashley

      You are ABSOLUTELY sure that Klein donated directly to Michael? Were you there? No, so don’t state it as a fact.

      And it would be a might big coincidence if Klein carried the gene for vitiligo, considering only .5 to 1% of the world’s population has vitiligo.

      And Prince does not look like Klein. Bone structure is not similar at all. Klein has light brown eyes. Prince has dark brown, almost black, like Blanket. Klein is short. Prince is tall. Klein has thin lips. Prince has full lips. Klein has a narrow nose. Prince has a more plump nose. He didn’t get any of these features from Debbie, so where did they come from?

      Look at pictures of Michael at around age 19 or 20. There ARE similarities. You can’t expect Prince to look exactly like his father. He has lighter skin and straighter hair, but the nose shape is similar except it’s not as wide. He has the same eyes and the same smile AND the same skin condition. If this was any other celebrity we were talking about, nobody would have a question about who this child’s father is. But because it’s MJ it can’t be his son, right?

      For the record, Klein NEVER claimed to be the biological father. He was asked if he was, and he said he donated to Michael ONCE…but he didn’t give any specifics, and then he said the kids were NOT his to the best of his knowledge. This is the same man who is being sued for a million dollars by a bank. The man has told some pretty wild stories just to make a buck. So you really expect to believe he was telling the truth about donating sperm to Michael? I sure don’t.

      If you think Debbie’s not the biological mother of Prince or Paris, you’ve got to get your eyes examined. Paris is the spitting image of Debbie, and Prince has her chin. There is a photo of Debbie from when she was in high school, and Prince looks very much like her.

      Yes, it’s a matter of opinion, but when family members have said, “YES, Michael’s the biological father”, Michael himself said it, the kids have said it, and they identify as biracial, it’s time to stop speculating on the paternity of the kids.

      Jermaine just gave an interview with Geraldo not long ago where he confirmed that Prince does in fact have vitiligo.

      I admit that the more people talk about similarities between Klein and Prince, I sometimes see it because of the light skin and the hair color, but the closer you look, the more it becomes obvious that they really look nothing alike. Head shape, eye color, nose, lips, height, etc. And Prince isn’t as fair-skinned as Klein or Rowe. How could two people with such fair skin produce such tan-skinned children such as Prince or Paris?

      Look at photos of the kids next to La Toya. The are similar to her in skin tone. She has two black parents. And on the subject of hair, not all the Jackson kids have tightly curled hair. Jermajesty for one. His hair is similar to Blanket’s, only a bit curlier…but not tightly curled.

      • Anonymous1

        I think you should direct some of the energy you spent crafting this email towards getting a life. Seriously, why do you care so much about people who obviously don’t care about you…or even know you exist!?

        • Ashley

          I’m just trying to point out the misconceptions. If people spent half as much energy into actually researching Michael Jackson and the issues in his life rather than trying to show that he was a liar about this or that, then they might have a far different opinion of him.

          Being a Michael Jackson fan, I find myself constantly defending Michael against the lies and misconceptions told about him. People STILL believe the article where Debbie Rowe said Michael wasn’t the biological father and that she wasn’t the biological mother, even though she and her lawyer pointed out the fabrication of it so fast it was removed from the website.

          Michael was the father. Kids don’t have to look exactly like their father. They don’t have to look like either of their parents. I bet you still wouldn’t believe it even if the kids came out with curlier hair and dark skin.

  • Anonymous

    Lol! Funny to read some of the comments of some idiots insisting that Klein donated sperm lol If you knew how hard it is to conceive via IVF you wouldn’t make such uneducated and stupid comments. Also anyone who believes that a fame whore like Klein would keep his mouth shut if he had donated sperm until MJ died and the idea is introduced to him by the media is seriously lucking some brain cells! Oh and by the way Klein is unable to conceive! Check your facts… it’s not difficult! lol

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