Beyoncé Confirms Due Date!

Beyoncé Confirms Due Date!

February of 2012 is going to be a good month for Beyoncé Knowles and hubby Jay-Z! The Grammy award-winning singer finally confirmed that the couple will welcome their first child that month, and she can’t wait for all of the changes ahead.

“[Being pregnant] already has changed my life. My husband and I have been together for 10 years, all of my twenties,” Knowles, 30, tells Australia’s Sunday Night. “I just feel like it’s time and I’m very grateful that God has blessed me with the biggest gift any human can have.”

In her interview, the Destiny’s Child alum also talks about her decision to wait to start a family, saying:

I think because I’ve accomplished a lot of things for myself and I really know who I am, I didn’t rush into anything. If there’s any time, right now is the time, and I’m so happy.”

Before her pregnancy, Bey took a break from the spotlight, which had left her feeling “a bit numb and kind of lost.”

“I never even realized I needed a year off. I never realized I don’t know how to take a year off,” adds the Single Ladies singer. “I’ve been managed by my father for a long time, and it’s been a real change being separated from him. It was scary, but it empowered me.”

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  • Louis In Sacramento

    Much Respect and well wishes to “J” and “B”

    And for those reading this who haven’t heard track 6 from the “JZ-Kanye ” Album .. J has an amazing verse about his hopes and dreams for his yet unborn son ….

    As for Beyonce all I can say is ….. Her mama got azzz too (smilezzz)
    I have had the hot’s for Beyonce’s mom forever..

    (No disrespect Mr. Knowles)

    • Anonymous

      The only person you’re disrespecting is *Mrs* Knowles. What is this, 1920?

      (Besides, *Mr* Knowles isn’t even in the picture anymore, is he? Didn’t she throw his lying, cheating a$$ out?)

  • notafan


    • LaKesha

      You got that from this, how?

  • Shirelle

    That means she was 3 months along when she showed her bump at the VMAS. How was her bump that big?

  • Anonymous

    Beyonce’s Bump Magically Folds In Half On TV go to and see the video for yourselves, she is totally faking her pregnancy!

    • Anonymous

      Give me a break. I am currently at the same stage in pregnancy as her, due at the end of Feb 2012, and my belly is constantly changing. It depends on what I eat, what time of day it is, how bloated I am, etc. It is a MYTH that baby bellies don’t change in size throughout early-mid pregnancy. Every woman’s body is different and I wish that people would stop with the ignorant accusations (ie. Katie Holmes when pregnant with Suri). Not everyone has a rock hard round baby bump, some are oval, some are soft, some are high, some are low, some are small, some are big.

      • Anonymous

        I agree with you 99.9%, but I’m not so sure it’s a myth. We’re all around pregnant people all out lives and this is a phenomenon I’m completely unaware of. It was clear to see that on the music award show she had a pretty significant bump (especially for someone who would have been barely pregnant), and two weeks later it look half the size. That’s bizarre.

  • Get With It

    If your truly followed a celeb, you would do more research about what they do and why! Bey has acknowledged she used a a actors prop stomach so it would be obvious that she is pregnant and doing it in a very staged over the top I am a Star type way! She really embraces her pride in being a Performer and I like that about her! She’s getting lots of attention and loving it! Their is nothing wrong with her using a prop belly to help spread the word that she is pregnant! People remember this is an actress and women whose everyday life is over the top by choice! Not trying to be like
    anyone but herself….and wanted to live the life she’s living with the money
    she makes big time!

    • Anonymous

      Where did she acknowledge that?

    • Victoria

      News flash! We are not all Beyonce fans nor stans (hate that daggone word) or worshippers and we do not follow her every movement to the extent that we need to know when she goes to the bathroom. 2, she may have acted in some movies, no she’s not the best, and no people do not really consider her an actress. 3, it’s stupid to pad your stomach to make yourself look more pregnant than you really are. People can say that it’s all for dramatics, cameras, and all the rest, but it’s also just really stupid.

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