Courteney Cox & Coco Touch Down In Los Angeles

Courteney Cox & Coco Touch Down in Los Angeles

Former Friends actress Courteney Cox and her daughter Coco, 7, made an adorable pair as they arrived in Los Angeles, Calif. on Sunday (October 9) and waited patiently for their pickup.

And who was the mother-daughter duo’s ride from the airport?

It looks like it was her fellow Cougar Town castmate Brian Van Holt!

Courteney’s ex-husband and Coco’s father David Arquette recently opened up about his daughter’s understanding about his estranged relationship with her mother.

“Kids know everything,” the Dancing With The Stars contestant professes. “They know a lot. They feel it, they sense it.”

“I was really honest with her throughout the whole experience,” he adds. “There’s not much we don’t communicate about.”

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Photo credit: Bauer Griffin

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