Gwen Stefani & Her Spec-Tacular Son

Gwen Stefani & Her Spec-Tacular Son

Rockstar mama Gwen Stefani went for a stroll with her 5-year-old son Kingston in Primrose Hill, London on Monday (October 10). Dressed in a long trench coat and boots, Gwen grabbed a coffee before running some errands. And check out Kingston’s cool new specs!

The day before (October 9), Gwen and her youngest son Zuma, 3, enjoyed some one-on-one time at a London park.

And on Saturday (October 8), Gwen and Kingston were spotted at Gwyneth Paltrow‘s house for an A-list playdate! What a fun weekend!

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Photo credit: Fame/Bauer Griffin


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  1. Harry Potter

    He looks like Vi Affleck …when she got hers! Wonder how many pairs he is going
    To have!

  2. Anonymous

    “The day before (October 9), Gwen and her youngest son Zuma, 3, enjoyed some one-on-one time at a London park”
    LOL – One on one time, my foot!! The pictures from this occasion on Just Jared show a nanny playing with Zuma in the sandbox while Gwen plays with her phone on the park bench!!

  3. stella

    I notice there are no comments from the anti-Gwen brigade…Could it be because she has no nannies with her? Gwen is probably one of the most “hands on” moms in HOllywood and is totally involved with her kids. Just because this site always posts pictures with the nannies doesn’t mean she uses them all the time. It’s just to stir up debate.

  4. Elena

    Zums is such a cutie. :)

  5. Anonymous

    Where is Gavin? I haven’t seen him for a while.

    And are they real glasses? Or just another fashion trend?

  6. Mia

    To Anonymous @ 02:39 pm : Gavin is on tour , currently in NY! He said he will see Gwen and his kids at the end of the month :) And it’s just another fashion trend accessory

    Kingston and Zuma are so cute! And Gwen is beautiful!


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