Baby On The Way For Jack Osbourne

Baby On The Way For Jack Osbourne

Time to get ready for the crazy train!

Less than two weeks after confirming his engagement to actress Lisa Stelly, Jack Osbourne, 25, announced that he’s going to be a daddy. “I’m excited. I’m a little nervous,” the son of Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne said Tuesday on Piers Morgan Tonight.

This will be the first child for the engaged couple. “The most amazing man I’ve ever met asked me to marry him….and he wasn’t joking!” Stelly, 26, tweeted last month. “Crazy, right? :) .”

Congratulations to the Stelly-Osbourne family!

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  • SMH

    I bet Sharon is thrilled. She hasn’t been shy about wanting to be a grandmom. OMG Ozzy as a pop-pop haha that’s awesome!!!

    I can see him holding the baby now, “wha wha wha what I do with it?!”

  • Hella

    It’s fantastic that Jack has gotten his life together, but why after everything he has learned would he become a father out of wedlock? Why add more obsticles to his child’s life, a father who has no skills but to be taken care of by his parents. His parents would have been much more proud that if he had chosen right thing for his girl by traditionally asking her hand in marriage, allowing her a bridal shower, and the beautiful wedding she no less deserves. The only act that has taken hold is unaccounted for premarital sex between a millionare son and someone’s daughter looking to better her financial/social position. This is a huge milestone in life – attention should be paid! In a few years all of there illegitimate children will be the responsibility of the welfare system.

    • Anonymous

      i highly doubt that they will be on welfare any time soon….and they are engaged, its not like he knocked up some random stranger….oh and i have been hapily unmarried to the same person for 15 years, a piece of paper doesnt determine how good a parent i am.

  • Anonymous

    His gf is a gold digger,getting pregnant too fast

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