Johnny Knoxville & Wife Welcome A Girl: Arlo!

Johnny Knoxville & Wife Welcome A Girl: Arlo!

Congratulations to Johnny Knoxville and his wife Naomi, who are the proud new parents of a baby girl!

The Jackass star Tweeted the happy news, writing, “Yesterday Oct 6th Naomi, Madison, Rocko & I welcomed a brand new baby girl into our family. Her name is Arlo & mommy & baby r doing great!!”

Johnny and Naomi, who tied the knot last year, announced the pregnancy news in the Spring, saying that they were “super happy” to be adding to their family.

Baby Arlo joins big brother Rocko, 1 1/2, as well as Madison, 15, Johnny’s daughter from his previous marriage.

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  • arabella

    Don’t like the name Arlo.

  • Danielle

    Arlo is a boys name! :S I hope it’s not going to become one of these names that then becomes a girls name like Harper, Madison etc

    • Anonymous 3

      Danielle- Just curious when was Madison ever a boy’s name ?

      • Anon

        Not the OP, but Madison was originally a boy’s name. It literally means son of Maud or Mad (with that being an old nickname of sorts for Matthew.) It wasn’t until like the 80’s that Madison started being used for girls.

        • Anonymous 3

          Anon- thanks for informaiton as origin of Madison. I had no idea. Learn something new everyday. I thought of Madison as a sur-name only until trendy people starting naming girls Madison. I have never heard of a boy called Madison but happen to know 4 female Madisons.

          • Anonymous

            I don’t know anything about its use for boys, but as a girls’ name, it was basically invented by the movie Splash.

      • Anonymous

        Must have been when it was invented since it obviously means “son of Madi(s)”…

  • Janna

    Cute name.

  • Sophia

    I’ve loved Arlo on a girl for a while but I’ve never heard it, apart from as a boys’ name. Love it! Congratulations!

  • rachel

    My daughter was born 2/21/11. Her name is arlo. Thanks for making it a celebrity name. NOT

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