Giveaway: Little Capers Shopping Spree

Giveaway: Little Capers Shopping Spree

What do you do when your kids want to wear their Halloween costumes to school, grandma’s, and out to dinner? Little Capers is the answer!

Non-commercial, non-violent superhero tees & dresses with Velcro attached capes allow kids to use their imaginations and become their own superhero! With so many styles to choose from – Bolt Boy, Zap Girl, and POWer (to name a few) your kids can be a superhero everyday without looking like they are dressed up in a costume. Celeb siblings are loving Little Capers newest “heroes” Super Bro & Super Sis (Jessica Alba’s daughter Honor Warren received one when she became a big sister as did Ugly Betty star Ana Oritiz’s daughter Paloma).

Little Capers also features a collection of big capes with images like stars and lightning bolts. So throw away the old towels that your kids were using for capes and check out the complete collection from Little Capers.

We are giving away a $200 shopping spree to Little Capers to 1 lucky reader!

Also exclusive to our readers is a 25% discount at Little Capers. All you have to do is enter coupon code CBS25 at checkout (offer valid until November 15, 2011).

One Easy Way to Enter:
Leave a comment here with a valid email address (will not be published). Please state your favorite item at Little Capers. Four winners will be chosen at random at the end of the contest. One entry per person, per day.

This contest ends Friday, October 14th at 7:00 pm EST. This contest is open to Canada & US residents only! Good luck!
*contest rules*
Congratulations to the winners of our Freerider giveaway: Karen, Brooke, Lisa & Morgan!

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  • Tara C

    I luv the Big Capes!!!

  • Sandie

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE ~ HER ROYAL CAPER!!! My 3yr old daughter currently has us tie her blankets on her as she runs around yelling “STUPID GIRL” (SUPER GIRL) as she chases her 10 and 13 yr old brothers around with her wands so she can “Caba Caba” (abra, cadabra) turn them into things!! I’d love to win this so I can buy her some awesome dress up clothes so she can REALLY BE the SUPER GIRL that she wants to be!! :)


    Sadly I would wear this more than my kids =( Maybe I can get two or three and sew them together to make one adult sized one!

    • Little Capers

      Just so you know – the BIG Capes fit most adults!!!

  • Becky

    Absolutely the cutest childrens apparel ever!!! LOVE it!!!

    • Little Capers

      Thank you SO much!

  • Shelley

    The SUPER SIS shirt would be perfect for my nieces!!!

  • Anonymous

    Love the Big Sis shirt and cape. My 2-year old is so in love with our new baby that I know this outfit would fit her pov perfectly!

  • Anonymous

    I love the foil print! It makes it different from the usual printed ones. Very classy! :)

    • Little Capers

      Thank you for saying so…we love the foil too!

  • GoddessWifeMom

    LOVE the Super Sis & Super Bro capes. I just gave birth to our third baby at 26 weeks, his two older siblings would LOVE these shirts to show off their Super Big sister & brother status.

  • Elizabeth P.

    I love the Peggi Dress!

  • ecaterina

    my kids would really love the red and pink lightning capes:) i also love the big sis and super bro shirts:) adorable

  • michele fitzgerald

    good luck

  • Tracy

    My son would love the POWer shirt/cape!

  • Jennifer Basler

    I love the super sis and super bro costumes

  • kristin

    I like the zap girl dress and cape

  • Carina

    My favorite would be the Gemini, everything about that one is so cute the color is prefect for my niece who lies pink.

  • amy pugmire

    i like the peggi tank dress

  • Lisa braccia

    Very cute stuff! I would love the super brother and sister shirts for my kiddies!!

  • arely coliin

    i love the capes

  • Paula C.

    My favorite is the Gemini, love this site!

  • Odelia C

    I lover Her Royal Caper and so would my 5 year old!

  • Stephanie

    I like the super sis and super bro capes.

  • kellie

    nice prize

  • Alane Green

    My daughter would love the Her Royal Caper dress set. I don’t know if I would be able to get it off her. lol

  • Super Mama

    While the clothes are very cool, and the power bands are much cooler, the big capes are my favorite.

  • aurora s

    love the big capes too and the super bro and super sis shirts, tooo cute, because I have a super sis and bro :)

  • Kathleen

    So cute! I’d love the Bolt Boy for my son.

  • Tracy C.

    I like the Apollo cape! So cute! =) Thanks!

  • Jenefer

    i love the Super Bro and Super Sis capes! Every kid needs a cape! Adorable!!

  • Kristin

    i like the zap girl dress and cape

  • Anonymous

    The Peggi dress! My 3 year old is obsessed with unicorns, and they are incredibly hard to find! we got a stuffed animal that we ended up calling hippacorn because it looks like a hippo with a horn!

  • Kellie O

    Her Royal Caper tank dress!

  • christymiles

    I love the Printapons website. It is so convenient and easy to use. It’s coupons are great and there are sooo many. 5 stars all the way.

  • Jennyroo

    I love the red star cape and the power bands! They would be a big hit in this house with 3 little boys!

    jlwhite (at) sasktel (dot) net

  • Amy Pugmire

    I love her royal caper

  • Tobster

    What fun capes! I think the Power and Apollo shirts are my favorites.

  • Jennifer

    I love the powerbands! They are super cute and would be a great party favor for a super hero party. I’m thinking of having that for my son’s 2nd birthday.

    • Little Capers

      Totally cute!

  • Shelley

    All the capes are super cute!! I want one for myself, LOL!! :)

  • Kristin

    i like the zap girl dress and cape

  • Vania

    I love the Super Sis, Super Bro shirts with capes! I have a girl and a boy and they are both obsessed with super heroes! So this two shirts would be extremely cool for them!

  • Jennyroo

    I love the red star cape and the power bands! They would be a big hit in this house with 3 little boys!

    jlwhite (at) sasktel (dot) net

  • Anonymous

    My son and I love the Bolt Boy t-shirt with the detachable cap.

  • Anonymous

    My favorite is the red lightening cape.

  • Marci

    I like the Super Sis dress….very cute!

  • Michelle K

    omg! i love her super sis outfit!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Addison

    Loving the Peggi dress and cape from Little Capers!

  • amy bishop

    I love these outfits; too cute

  • Sandy Blanford

    Omgooosh, it’s hard to pick just one favorite. I love the Super Sis and Bro. Too cute. My grandchildren will LOVE these.

  • D. Simms

    My son would totally love the red lightening bolt shirt

  • Anne-Marie

    I love the personalized capes!

  • Anonymous

    My favorite is Apollo and Gemini, because I can totally picture my son and daughter in their coordinating superhero outfits!

  • Krista Resto

    OMG my girls would love any of the capes!! They tie blankets around their necks like they are capes LOL Her Royal Caper would be perfect for my youngest & my middle daughter would love the super sis 1!! My oldest would enjoy 1 of the big capes she says they are all so cool :)

  • Taylor Thompson

    Love the Brother and Sis Capers I have twins so they would be great!

  • mary m

    Love Love Love Her Royal Caper. How special to have a special cape for a special little girl!

  • Stephanie Farrell

    I love the Apollo!

  • Helen Keelet

    My favorite is the SUPER SIS,

  • Mariyana

    My favorite is the Peggi dress! So cute!

  • amy pugmire

    i love zap girl

  • Anna H

    I like “her royal caper” – not too girly, which is perfect for my tomboy daughter. Win win for girly girl mommy and boyish daughter!

  • Anonymous

    I really like the Her Royal Caper.

  • Kirby

    I really like the super sis and super bro shirts. I am having twins and I think they would look really cute in these shirts!! :) All of your stuff is really cute as well!

  • Chantal

    My son is going to be a big brother to the newest addition of our family (baby girl) in 4 weeks and 5 days!! They will be 15 1/2 months apart, and I think that Super Bro will sum up all the hugs and kisses and sharing his little sister will get. Our son (Mason) has already taken care of Mommy during a tough pregnancy, trying to make her laugh, bringing her toys and being a cuddle bug! I love the Super Bro set — especially since this past Thanksgiving weekend he has discovered that he loves capes (with a backwards bib!). Great products Little Capers, what kid doesn’t want to be a super hero?

    • Little Capers

      Thanks and good luck with the baby on the way!

  • Stephanie Diane Bondlow

    I love the Zap Girl dress, it is to die for!

  • Jamie T

    <3 Her royal Caper

  • sake02mo

    Super Sis, Super Bro shirts – could be nice gifts.

  • Amber S

    I like the big red star cape!

  • Jennifer

    I love the bolt boy shirt. Very cute!

  • Margaret O’Connor

    Bolt Boy would be my favorite choice.

  • Tobster

    The Big Capes would be great, so that Mommy & Daddy could join the superhero squad!

  • Kristin

    i like the zap girl dress and cape

  • amy pugmire

    i like super sis.

  • Anonymous

    i love the capes both my kids would love these

  • Anonymous

    Love Love Halloween!!!

    • Little Capers

      Me too! The great thing about Little Capers though, is that they can be worn year round cause who doesn’t want to be a superhero everyday???

  • Stephanie

    I love the apollo shirt!

  • sharde greeno

    LOVE the “super sis” shirt and cape. my daughters would love these!!

  • Alexcia

    The the sister and brother caps!! Love the cute stuff, would be delighted to win!!

  • Kalsang

    My favorite by far is the Super sis. So adorable!

  • Megan

    LOVE the Super Sis and Super Bro. My little super heroes would look so adorable in these as they play super hero up and down the hallway in my house.

  • Leslie G

    My boys would love dressing up with a cape. He has been buzz lightyear with a cape for many months now. But that cape is made out of his little brothers saddler blankets. I love the foil on the shirts also. Apollo is my favorite shirt. It would look great on my youngest.

  • Sara B

    I like her royal caper

  • Michael Welle

    I like the BOLT BOY shirt! (And red is my sons favorite color!

  • Jennyroo

    I love the red star cape and the power bands! They would be a big hit in this house with 3 little boys!

    jlwhite (at) sasktel (dot) net

  • Nidhi

    Love Peggi….imagining my lil one in tht dress…adorable :)

  • Heather B

    Super Sis – lov it!

  • Tobster

    I bet my daughter would get a kick out of the Peggi dress

  • Kristin

    I like the zap girl dress and cape

  • Jennyroo

    I love the red star cape and the power bands! They would be a big hit in this house with 3 little boys!

    jlwhite (at) sasktel (dot) net

  • Katie N.

    I love the Gemini top!

  • Miranda Welle

    I’ve been admiring both the Super Bro and Super Sis shirts since Hollywood Hotmoms had their giveaway!!!

  • amy pugmire

    lovin the peggi

  • Frida

    I love the super sis outfit!

  • LYNDA T.

    Love the POW tee & cape!

  • Dawn F

    I love the Super Bro and the Apollo….these are so cute!!

  • Dawn F

    I love the superbro and the Apollo….these are so cute!

  • Bri Chavez

    I love the zap girl and bolt boy! Way too cute!

  • lisa kayser

    I’d love to win the super sis. My daughter just became a big sister :)

  • Anonymous

    They are all so cute but I love the Apollo!!

  • Katrina

    I personally love the big capes, but my boys love anything cape related! Would be great for superhero birthdays coming up :)

  • Anonymous

    My boys would adore those capes. Super cool!

  • Kim Z.

    Super sis and bro!

  • Jennifer

    my favorite item are the big capes… i know they are for children but I bought my niece and brother matching capes because he loves comic books and they are absolutely adorable playing together being super heroes!

  • Stephanie

    My girls would love any of the Little Capers stuff!

  • Patricia

    I LOVE the pink lightning big cape! Or the Gemini! Especially since it’s usually chilly here in CHI!

  • Patricia

    I LOVE the Gemini!

  • Natalie J Vandenberghe

    oh, golly–it’s such a tough decision (to just name one favorite). I love the Bolt Boy and Power shirts with capes. I’m so happy to have a grandson. His Mom would be thrilled if I won this fabulous prize. Thanks for the giveaway.

  • Natalie J Vandenberghe

    I’m not sure where my comment went, so I’m commenting again (I’m not trying to get two entries–just trying to ensure I’ve actually entered). I love Bolt Boy and Power! Perfect for my grandson! Thanks for the giveaway.

  • Gina

    Her Royal Caper, of course!

  • Gina

    Her Royal Caper!!!

  • Anonymous

    Love all of your things!!!!! :)

  • Amanda Abelita

    I love the SUPER SIS! This is a GREAT giveaway! Thank you!!!

  • Debra

    Il ove the super sis and super bro shirts they are awesome!

  • Lori W.

    I love the capes!

  • dripable service

    What an all round amazingly written post!!

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