Jessica Simpson: Is She Or Isn’t She?

Jessica Simpson: Is She Or Isn't She?

The speculation continues!

Rumored mom-to-be Jessica Simpson was seen leaving her clothing store in Westwood, Calif on Thursday (October 14). The I Wanna Love You Forever singer wore a black maxi dress, short jean jacked and carried an over-sized bag.

Earlier this week, we spotted the blonde beauty sporting extra curves. Could it be a baby bump?

Her reps have yet to respond to the rumors, leaving fans to study the photos and decide if she is, indeed, expecting her first child.

The fashion mogul and reality star, 31, and fiancé Eric Johnson, 32, have not revealed a wedding date, and have said they’re not in any hurry to tie the knot.

“We’re enjoying our commitment to each other,” Simpson said recently. “We want to take our time … We might elope if it gets to that point.”

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  • Anonymous

    If she’s not going to keep up with her root touch ups then why doesn’t she just go to her natural colour. Those black root looks gross.

  • Anonymous

    C’mon, we all know what a pregnant belly looks like! This is at least 6 months!

    • Anonymous

      If she’s 6 MONTHS pregnant, what reason would she have for not saying, “Yes, I’m pregnant”??????????????

      • Anonymous

        … well for example because the inside of her womb is private…?

  • Rosy

    If that woman is not pregnant I’ll eat my hat…she looks a lot more than just chubby this time around and once again she’s holding her belly. What more can be said?!

  • Anonymous

    Imagine what it must be like for the entire world to be speculating if you’re pregnant? Or just fat?

    Disgusting rumors. Let the girl be. If she’s actually pregnant, you’ll know soon enough.

  • Anonymous

    She is dressing in clothes that make her look pregnant, that’s for sure. Long, empire-waist dress, short jacket, giant bag held right over her belly. She’s stopped dyeing her hair. Either she is, or wants people to think she is.

  • DB

    Jessica is clearly preggers. For all of you who say she’s just chubby – here’s why I think you’re wrong. Yes, Jess’ weight has fluctuated over the past several years, but her stomach has never been larger than her chest. Jessica is a double D, so for her stomach to stick out father than her chest is a clear indication that she’s pregnant – and several months, at that. But as much as the tabloid junkie in me wants her to just announce it already, it’s her prerogative to announce it publicly or keep it to herself. I just wish she would switch up that tired handbag already. It seems like every time these “is she or isn’t she” pregnancy pics show up online, she’s carrying that same purse. For heaven’s sake, the woman has a LINE of handbags – so surely she can throw a couple more styles in the mix.

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