Mario Lopez Gets A Visit From His Girls

Mario Lopez Gets A Visit From His Girls

Mario Lopez had a couple of special visitors on the Extra set while filming at The Grove in Los Angeles, California yesterday: His girlfriend Courtney Mazza and their adorable daughter Gia (November 1)!

The happy mother-daughter duo killed some time together while waiting to meet up with dad Mario. Looks like Gia is still in Halloween mode with her orange T and hair bow.

Speaking of Halloween, we spotted the toddler sporting not one but two cute costumes on Monday: She was Minnie Mouse and Princess Leia.

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  1. Dani

    ok, first thought: a skirt like this on a baby this young is absolutely ridiculous… or is that just my too conservative fashion sense speaking?

  2. Anonymous

    How about the bra and boob shot above? LOL

  3. Anonymous

    You can tell Courtney is a Diva!

  4. Anonymous

    Suri wearing high heels, make up and swinging a pocketbook is actually more ridiculous than Gia’s skirt.

  5. Loretta

    I can’t believe all of these immature comments. You all need to grow up. Beautiful family…

  6. Trina

    When my daughter was a baby she wore skirts like this.. Baby Gap and Old Navy have so many options.. love her skirt!

  7. Anonymous

    Why is this so called reality star on your page? Who cares about Courtney? NO ONE. She is NOT a celebrity.

  8. Anonymous

    This page with Courtney got one FB “LIKE”. It was probably Courtney who “LIKED” it herself! LOL
    Very conceited and arrogant gal. :-(
    So glad that Mario’s VH1 show is NOT being renewed for another season.
    I don’t think I could take another episode of Courtney whining!!

  9. anonymous

    I am a fan of Mario’s, but not his knocked up gf. I agree with the above comments, she is very arrogant and thinks the world owes her. Courtney, honey, you are NOT A CELEBRITY. You are just the gal Mario knocked up, which could have been anyone, at anytime, in his long list of partners.

  10. anonymous

    Ms. Mazza says on Twitter today that she didn’t like the way she was portrayed in their VH1 series. Well, Mario produced it!!!!! Now that’s funny…..

    • anonymous

      I thought Mario Lopez clearly stated their VH1 show “Saved by the Baby” was like watching home movies. I think it clearly showed the kind of person you are Courtney. Ha Ha!

  11. anonymous

    Courtney Laine Mazza, you are as PHONY as they come.

  12. anonymous

    Saw Mazza at the Grove one day. She is a wanna be celeb and phony as they come. Good luck with the marriage Mario. PRENUP buddy! Prenup!

  13. anonymous

    Courtney is not pretty at all. Too bad the daughter had to take after her and not Mario.

  14. anonymous

    Let’s don’t waste anymore time talking about Ms. Mazza. The world doesn’t care about her. Honest. She is nobody special. Mario made his choice and he has to live with her! Ha. Too bad. It’s true-he could have any girl he wants and he settled. Good luck Mario!


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