Kyle Richards & Her Barefoot Babe

Kyle Richards & Her Barefoot Babe

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Kyle Richards was spotted running errands with her 3-year-old daughter Portia in Beverly Hills, Calif. on Friday (November 11).

The actress stopped at an ATM machine before packing up a barefoot Portia to do some shopping.

The reality TV mama – who is aunt to Paris Hilton – is currently married to businessman Mauricio Umansky and the couple are also parents to daughters Alexia, 15 and Sophia, 12.

Kyle also has 23-year-old daughter Farrah from a previous marriage.

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Photo credit: Flynet

  • Alex

    Good Pictures, I did not know that Kyle Richards has a daughter. That’s good that I found this post now I know more 😛

  • Anonymous

    She has like 4 daughters haha :)

  • Anonymous

    Look at Portia’s left foot in the fifth picture?

    • Rosy

      Looks like a foot to me.

  • Anonymous

    Wat bout it

  • Anonymous

    I love seeing children going barefoot, it brings me back to when i was a little girl. I always went barefoot, to the store, to restaurants, even to preschool, I dont remember a time when i wore shoes until i was about 6 or 7

    • NYC Mommy

      Anonymous 12:43 pm…. Just wondering where the heck you are from that you could go to presschool without shoes???? and what restaurant?????Up north it is NO SHIRT NO SHOES NO SERVICE….

  • Anonymous

    I see what the person above is talking about in the 5th picture… it looks like she has some deformity on her foot. Though could be a very weird angle from the camera.

    • mia

      I see it as well, but it’s just the angle. I have seen Portia’s feet on Real Housewife’s last season and her feet are totally normal. (The episode where Kyle is having a house party and she and Taylor are sitting on a bed talking, while Kyle puts Portia’s pj’s on.)

  • Janna

    Commenters on this website really bash the Teen Moms because they’re only “famous” for having babies and they’re setting a bad example.

    Why is everyone so accepting of the Housewives being featured on this site? They’re only famous for having catty b*tchfights with each other. Is THAT a trait we’re praising now?

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