Taye Diggs Breaks Down The Baby Talk

Taye Diggs Breaks Down The Baby Talk

Noticing that your vocabulary has changed since becoming a parent? You’re not alone! Private Practice star Taye Diggs admits that he and wife Idina Menzel have adopted a few new words themselves, thanks to their 2-year-old son, Walker.

“I have no idea when this started,” the Chocolate Me author writes in his blog, “but it’s something I don’t even realize I’m doing.”

Though the actor says that he doesn’t get too carried away with the baby talk (“we mix things up and sing around the house, too”), he did take the liberty of translating a few of the words used around the Diggs’ household for us:

“pop pop” = pacifier
“banky” = blanket
“baba” = bottle

Any of these sound familiar? What’s your most commonly used “baby talk”?

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  • Anony

    Pretty people.

  • Anony

    Oh, didn’t see the question. I’m a nanny, not a parent, but here are some words I use:

    – “Snackie” = snack
    – “scoozies” = excuse me ~ I picked this up from a 2-year-old who is trying to pronounce it correctly, but now I use her pronounciation, even when she is not around.
    – “Binky” = pacifier ~ I know this is common, but when I was a kid, I called them “paccies,” so I did have to adjust to the new term

  • Anonymous

    Just binky/binks. We never really used baby talk because the majority of it bugs me.

  • Anonymous

    That child is absolutely gorgeous.

  • Anonymous

    baby is gorgeous but so are mom and dad!! and YAY for amber teething necklace!!

  • http://www.slobberbeads.com.au Slobber Beads

    gorgeous baby , the dad is alright as well 😉

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