Tom Cruise & Family: Ice Skating Adventures!

Tom Cruise & Family: Ice Skating Adventures!

What an adorable trio!

Minority Report star Tom Cruise was spotted with his wife Katie Holmes and their gorgeous 5-year-old daughter Suri in Pittsburgh, Penn. on Saturday (November 19).

The famous couple – who celebrated their 5th wedding anniversary on Friday (November 18) – seemed very happy to be together as they ventured out for a chilly day of shopping in the city.

The picture perfect family ended their day with a skating session at a local ice skating rink. Tom played doting dad as he skated with little Suri, holding her hands and making sure she didn’t fall.

At one point, the family took a break outside the slippery terrain and Tom leaned over and lovingly kissed the forehead of his Dawson’s Creek darling while they watched other people skate.

Congrats to the happy couple on 5 years of marriage!

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  • Anonymous

    t’s pretty bad that Tom looks younger than Katie….

    • anonymous

      Katie obviously isn’t concerned what the general public or imbeciles like you think. She is out with her family on a casual outing, so dressing down and not wearing heavy make up is hardly appropriate (unless you are insecure and a complete narcissist!)

      • anonymous

        — meant to say “wearing heavy make up” is hardly appropriate.

    • Anonymous

      You wouldn’t look like a spring chicken either if you were in that ‘relationship.’

  • arabella


    • Anonymous

      Only shallow a$$e$ like you.

      • Anonymous

        ?? lol

  • samantha

    so cute! I wonder if they’ll have any more kids.

  • Anonymous

    why they brought their own ice skates lol??

    • NYC Mommy

      have you seen what skate rentals look like? If they have the $$$ why rent skates?? only problem I see if that poor Suir’s skates are not tied up properly and therefore she is not getting proper ankle support and it will be harder to learn to skate… Before I get 10 comments contradicting t his I would like to say I know this from experience. I have ice skated since I was 3 years old and my son is currently in his 4 year of ice hockey (he is 8). so I know proper way to tie ice skates.

    • anonymous

      maybe they wanted to avoid toenail fungus or athlete’s foot. personally, i don’t see anything funny (“lol”) about it, but to each his own.

      • Anonymous

        ok ok serious person lol

  • Cyndi

    I think Katie looks fine – she’s not on a movie set, is she? I think eyebrows would be raised if she was all decked out in fancy gear and in full-on hair and make up and would be accused of drawing attention to herself.

  • Anonymous

    Suri is so full of character, Tomm looks great for his age. Katie is a gorgeous girl. It is 5 years already!!!

  • anonymous

    Its nice to see the entire family together. I feel like we never see Tom with Suri and Katie.

    As far as bringing your own skates: If you have them, why not bring them?

  • Anonymous

    Katie looks exhausted and old. She thought going through the whole Tom Cruise thing would get her famous, and all her latest movies/performances have been flops. I’d be pretty miserable if I was her.

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