Rachel Zoe & Family: Black Friday Shoppers

Rachel Zoe & Family: Black Friday Shoppers

Even celebrity stylists need to get deals on Black Friday! Rachel Zoe and Rodger Berman took their son Skyler out to spend some cash in Los Angeles, Calif. on the busiest shopping day of the year (November 25). The family loaded up their car with Gap bags and took a coffee break at Starbucks.

Skyler, 8 months, looked as cute as ever in a white wool hat and little jeans.

The day before Rachel and Rodger sent their Thanksgiving wishes to fans on their Twitter account. Rachel showed off their table setting while her husband wrote a more personal message.

He wrote: “Happy Thanksgiving everyone. I’ve never felt more blessed or had more to give thanks for in my whole life. Great day ahead- go Dallas!!”

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Photo credit: Pacific Coast News

  • Heart

    So Beautiful baby

    • Felissa

      Learn your grammar!! Creep

  • Anna

    Baby is beautiful but in every picture I see Rachel doesn’t hold him normally. Weird. But maybe its just me.

    • Anonymous

      Are you actually mentally retarded? Or just plain stupid?

      There are five pictures posted here. In four, he is being carried. In three of those, Rachel is carrying him.

      In the last 10 articles/photo sets posted on this site, she is carrying him 7 out of 10 times.

      Please crawl back into your hole and stop spreading false information.

      • Anna

        OMG you are crazy. Calm down. And no I am not retarded, but its sure that I wont comment here anymore. Sorry my english is not perfect and maybe I couldnt express myself well enough.

        • Louise

          That guy/girl is a loser. Comment here all you like. She/he is the stupid one that didn’t understand what you were saying in your post. It SOOOOO funny that he/she went off on you, but that he/she is actually the friggin stoopid one. I love it. Made my day! hahahahaha

      • Louise

        You’re the one that’s stupid. She said Rachel is not holding him NORMALLY, as in she is holding him in a weird or unusual way. Duh, you’re the lame one. haha! haha on you!!! hahahaha.

        • Anna

          Thank you Loise!!! Now I’m going back to my english classes :):)

    • Anon

      She is trying to support him on her invisible hip- that’s why it looks funny….

  • Louise

    What a depressing view, the two-floor back of their car, packed with GAP-bags…

    Something had gone terribly wrong in this world!

    • Anonymous

      What a depressing view, skeletal raisin face….

  • Anonymous

    Gosh she is soo unattractive, she is a great example of a face like a bulldog chewing a wasp! Her own clothes style seems to have evaporated, not that it was anything truly innovative in the fist place tbh, the top is fab but the jeans underneath totally swamp her. She looks like a geriatric hippie.

  • lorainne

    I am not sure why this woman gets so much attention – she’s not attractive, not interesting and comes across as a cranky old woman.

    I feel sorry for her child – take him to a park and play instead of dragging him from one store to another. That dress looks a bit dangerous for someone carrying an infant.

    • Anonymous9

      You are so right, personally I have never taken a child, or seen anybody else take a child, shopping. Another one of those things that only happens in Hollywood, I guess. Or else it’s completely normal and EVERYBODY does it.

  • Elizabeth

    She looks like an aging, gothic Stevie Nicks. And I can’t believe she shops at the Gap.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, you got the “aging” part right – she looks OLDER than Stevie Nicks. At least Stevie Nicks didn’t pretend to be a professional stylist – good grief, I can’t believe people PAY this woman for fashion advice, she’s a mess!

  • Nicola

    That woman always looks like an unmade bed! She needs to find a good hairdresser and maybe consult Gwyn Stefani on how to apply makeup – seriously, she’d look a lot younger if she had an age appropriate hair cut.

    On a side note, I don’t think wrapping a scarf around a baby’s neck is such a good idea. WTF?

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