Britney Spears Masters Love

Britney Spears Masters Love

Falling in love in the glare of the media spotlight isn’t easy, and that’s something Britney Spears knows all too well. But days away from her 30th birthday, the pop princess and mom-of-two says that she’s learning a lot about relationships with a little help from The Mastery of Love.

“It’s basically an analysis of love and what it means to love,” Spears tells Stylist of the Don Miguel Ruiz book.

“It goes through all the different aspects of love — who you are as a person, knowing yourself before you even attempt to love anyone else, that sort of thing,” she explains. “It’s really well-written and thought-provoking.”

According to Brit, it’s “definitely” a recommended read for anyone in a relationship.

It’s not so much about learning something; it’s one of those things where you already know this stuff, but it’s good to instill it in yourself again.”

Currently, the Femme Fatale is mastering her relationship with boyfriend and former agent, Jason Trawick. And apparently, things couldn’t be any better for the pair. When asked how she’d spend her dream holiday, without hesitation, Britney responded:

“It would be with my children – [Sean Preston, 6, and Jayden James, 5] – of course, and my boyfriend Jason, and really that’s it. We’d probably just go skiing somewhere really beautiful and have hot chocolate – in a cabin.”

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  • Anonymous

    He’s creepy looking and looks old enough to be her father.

    • carrie

      Agree, but does anyone really think he’d be in it for the company and conversation??? Have you ever heard her try to talk about anything remotely interesting she is still clueless at 30!!

  • anonymous

    It’s not love, its called the quest for financial stability..

  • BobaFett

    Might be the gray hair and beard but in reality he’s 39.
    I think he’s been a good influence on Britney and it seems that he’s making her happy and stable. Something that she went wanting for quite some time.

  • anon

    he’s kind of hot

  • Anonymous

    Brit looks preggo here, He looks..neva mind

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