‘X Factor’ Contestants Honored To Perform For Michael Jackson’s Children

'X Factor' Contestants Honored To Perform For Michael Jackson's Children

Michael Jackson‘s children – Prince, 14, Paris, 13, and Blanket, 9 – were front and center Wednesday night (November 30) as the seven remaining contestants of The X Factor performed some of the King of Pop’s most popular tunes on the hit FOX reality show.

“It was an honor,” finalist Melanie Amaro told People of her once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to sing for the Jackson family. “I feel as though he was there through them, and I felt that he was really proud.”

“Performing in front of Michael Jackson’s family is too crazy,” added Drew, who did his own rendition of Billie Jean. “I didn’t find out until an hour before they were going to be there. Having them in the audience is way scary. It made me feel like I can’t mess up.”

The contestants may have been nervous about their special guests, but at least one of the Jackson kids was just as anxious to be watching them! As it turns out, Paris is a big fan of the show, just like her grandmother, Katherine Jackson, and they were both very excited about being able to see it live!

“I’m very happy. I don’t miss an episode of this show and I’m so happy to be here because I get to see it in person,” Katherine told host Steve Jones, with Paris chiming in, “Yes, I love the show very much.”

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  • Anonymous

    An honor? Why would it be an honor? If my father were a famous singer, why would anyone think it would be an “honor” to play for me????

  • LaKesha

    They are children of a legend who have experienced a tremendous loss. It is an honor.

    • Anonymous

      You’re giving these kids a sense of respect that THEY THEMSELVES haven’t earned.

      • Ashley

        The kids DO deserve respect. They are innocent children who have lost their only involved parent, and they have been bullied and made fun of by people, and that’s not right. They deserve respect. It’s not because their father is Michael Jackson. No, they are made fun of and harrassed becasue of who their father is, when they haven’t done anything to deserve that kind of treatment. They are grieving children who shouldn’t be treated horribly by the presses like Michael was treated in life. He didn’t deserve that horrid treatment either.

  • Ashley

    I’m sure it’s an honor for them, because those are Michael’s children, they spent the most time with him than anyone, and they are still grieving the loss of their dad. I’m sure it was an honor for the kids as well, to see people showing respect and love for their father’s musical legacy. The kids are growing up so fast! Paris is a beauty!

  • SMH

    I thought it was a bad tribute. All the contestants just did okay imo. I think XFACTOR has turned into the judges show – who can bash who the best and who can screw over the other person’s contestants.

    The kids actually look quite bored everytime they showed them!

  • Ashley

    Just read that Paris is going to be on Ellen’s show on the 8th to talk about a movie she’s going to be in.

  • Anonymous

    Michael’s kids are growing up so fast i know they misses their dad because thats who they spent all their time with and thats the only parent they had.

  • Anonymous

    Could they stop calling that poor boy “blanket”? geez when is that going to be over. Can’t they call him “Michael Junior” or “Mikey” etc since the oldest boy is Prince?

    • Ashley

      The oldest boy is only nicknamed Prince. The kids names are
      Michael Joseph Jackson Jr. (Prince)
      Paris-Michael Katherine Jackson (Paris)
      Prince Michael Jackson II (Blanket)

      Prince is nicknamed (and Blanket is named) after two of Michael’s grandfathers. He had two grandfathers named Prince, and one of them passed shortly before Prince’s birth. They named him Michael Jr. but nicknamed him Prince in honor of his great grandfather.

      Blanket is a nickname with a very sweet meaning behind it…”to blanket with love” and he doesn’t seem the least bit bothered by it, so why should we be bothered by it?

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