Heidi Klum & Girls Shop ‘Til They Drop

Heidi Klum & Girls Shop 'Til They Drop


Leni and Lou kept themselves busy as they joined their model mom Heidi Klum on a shopping spree in Brentwood, California today (December 3). While the Project Runway host browsed the racks, the sweet sisters looked to be having a great time dancing and playing games.

Heidi’s hubby Seal recently revealed that they may add to their brood, which also includes boys Henry and Johan, one day:

“We’ve talked about adopting,” he said. “I’ve no idea where we’d adopt from but I think we will one day – just not yet.”

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Photo credit: GSI Media

  • Nina D.

    Aww!!! That is just TOO cute for words!!! <3

  • Bárbara

    Cuteness overload!!

    Oh my, that’s so precious <3

  • Anonymous

    How sweet!

  • Anonymous

    Aww, I’ve always loved this family and these are quite possibly the cutest pics of them I’ve seen.

  • arabella

    sweet ans adorable

  • Anon

    beautiful girls!

  • gladyseck

    I love the Printapons website. It is so convenient and easy to use. It’s coupons are great and there are sooo many. 5 stars all the way.

  • Anonymous

    These are truly lovely pictures. And it answers the question people sometimes pose here – it is obvious that Leni does not need a “white” sibling to relate to, as little as I need my sister to have blue eyes to relate to :)

    • anonymous

      Huh??? :-\

      • Anonymous


        A couple of people here mentioned, when it was reported that Heidi and Seal might adopt a child, that they should get a white kid so that Leni would have someone to “relate” to. Thought that was ridiculous and weird.

  • Toya

    Oh my goodness!! These pictures just warmed my heart….and it so nice to see the little angel smiling!! Precious sisters enjoying each others company. I LOVE, LOVE these pics!

  • Anonymous 2

    I could die from the cute!

  • liena

    Leni is simply beautiful, i honesly don’t think i have ever seen such a pretty child.
    And she’s so thin too, she could easily be a child model.
    All 4 kids must look like Heidi Klum since they all look alike.
    Lou has Leni’s features (same shape of face, same eyes expect for the color and same nose).
    Both girls are going to be stunning women.

    • Anonymous

      “Lou has Leni’s features”

      Not sure how that is possible when Leni looks exactly like her biological father and nothing like Heidi.

      • Anonymous1

        I think she looks a lot like Heidi.

      • Trudi

        Totally agree. Leni is a “mini-me” of her biological father: Flavio Briatore.

    • Anonymous

      Agreed …I could not said it better

  • Anonymous

    The girls are beautiful but I think Lou is all Seal

  • Anonymous

    Lou is a scute as a button, the cutest one in the family if you ask me. I love seeing pics of her. Leni is going to be a stunning woman, and I do agree that they have similar features with Lou. I love this family, these pics are too cute for words.

  • Anonymous

    Tooo cute! I love Leni’s Boots! I want a pair! LOL!

    • Trudi

      I think it could be a “KAVAT”-Boot. I have two pairs – very comfortable!

  • Sophia

    I agree with liena- Leni and Lou’s faces are exactly the same but for their colouring, I think. I don’t think either of them look solely like one of their parents, but I guess the look they share must come through Heidi. I can also see Flavio in Leni but I think she looks more like Lou and Johan.

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