Ashlee Simpson & Bronx: LAX Landing

Ashlee Simpson & Bronx: LAX Landing

They’re home! Ashlee Simpson and son Bronx, 3, arrived at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) on Sunday (December 4) after spending some time in New York City and Toronto, Canada.

Little Bronx was rocking a Batman tee while mom was her usual fashionable self in skinny jeans, a fur-trimmed cardigan and what appeared to be platform hiking boots.

Ashlee was in Toronto with sis Jessica to attend an event for their new tween fashion line, Jessica Simpson Girls. Apparently the siblings liked collaborating so much on this project that they’ve decided to also launch a maternity and baby line.

Interestingly enough, it was the girls’ mom who first suggested the two team up on a clothing line. “My mother thought it would be great to combine both of our styles, both of our personalities,” Jessica Simpson said. “But it feels like we always work together!

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Photo credit: Bauer-Griffin

  • Anonymous

    Bronx needs a haircut or at least a brushing.

    • Anonymous

      Why? Do you brush your kids hair 50 times a day?

    • Rosy

      If I went around brushing my toddlers hair every time it got a little messy the brush would be permanently attached to his head! Lighten up :) His hair looks fine, and besides, curls are bound to get a little knotty throughout the day.

    • Anonymous

      Pretty sure his hair looks messy because they just came off a flight. When we air travel with kids we all end up looking a bit disheveled.

      • anonymous

        Messy because they got off a flight? What’s their excuse the rest of the time?

        • Janna

          Their “excuse”, as if they even need one, is that he has curly hair. This is what curly hair looks like. Why would a 3-year old need to have neat hair all the time???

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