Happy 2nd Birthday Mason Disick!

Happy 2nd Birthday Mason Disick!

Name: Mason Dash Disick

Parents: Kourtney Kardashian & Scott Disick

Date of Birth: December 14, 2009

Siblings: Mama is due with baby #2 this spring


  • Mason was born in Los Angeles, Calif.
  • He weighed 7 lbs and 6 ounces at birth
  • Mason measured 19½ inches long
  • His middle name Dash was chosen to honor Kourney’s late father Robert Kardashian, whom was nicknamed “Dash”
  • Mason’s birth was filmed and televised – over 48 million people tuned into watch it.


“From the moment Mason was born, we were all madly in love with him. It didn’t matter that he couldn’t talk, walk, or do pretty much anything LOL, his existence in itself enriched all of our lives in a way we never knew possible.” – Aunty Khloé on how her nephew has affected their lives.

“Words can’t express how much little Mase has changed my life. He is such a blessing to our family and watching him grow into a gorgeous little man is so amazing.” – Aunty Kim on her first nephew.

“Having a baby has made me a completely different person. It’s opened my eyes to the sense that there’s something out there bigger than myself. That’s why every day since Mason’s birth I’ve worked on bettering myself.” – daddy Scott on how fatherhood has changed him.

“I’m just loving all the time with him. I really don’t miss my old life. I can’t imagine life without Mason now.” – mama Kourtney on spending time with her first born son.

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Photo credit: Pacific Coast News

  • Samantha

    Happy Birthday sweet Mason ! ;D

  • F.A.J

    Happy birthday CUTIE!! :^)

  • anonymous

    That little man needs a haircut. Mullets went the way of Billy Ray Cyrus long ago.

    • Anonymous

      I couldn’t disagree more. I think his hair is adorable!

  • Anonymous

    I think he looks like his mom and uncle but happy birthday mason .

  • nicoleC

    he is sweet !
    happy birthday ~

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